Topic: Mission:Impossible 7-thread (shooting, wardrobe, etc.)

Since there were quite a few of us who took great interest in discussing the last installment, this thread is for covering all things M:I-7 that is shooting right now.
(Hope, the mods don‘t mind this here, but I figured since the last thread is also in this section...)  ajb007/martini

So, due to Corona, production has moved from Rome to Surrey, where Tom Cruise was handling a couple of different vehicles:




Regarding the last photo: any clue on what jacket that is?

The name is Walker by the way.


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Bear in mind they aren't filming there so anything he's wearing won't appear in the movie.


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Where in Surrey are they filming ?


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It's Dunsfold aerodome near Godalming; where they shot the Miami airport sequence for Casino Royale in fact.