Topic: Kazan Tie from Magnoli - the colour?

Was watching QoS last night and had a sudden hankering for the Kazan featured tie. That means going to our trusty Magnoli given Tom Ford have long stopped producing it.

On screen (at least on my screen) it looked black and silver. Bond Suits notes that "the tie is a pattern of ovals, either in black and silver or dark brown and silver. Tom Ford produced the tie in both colours and in different parts of the scene the tie looks like it could be either colour from the changes in lighting." So could be either on screen.

But what colour is Magnoli's? On https://www.magnoliclothiers.com/kazan- … p-364.html the photo looks like it's brown in hue, while it's described as grey, charcoal and black ovals. In contrast, on the product review page https://www.magnoliclothiers.com/produc … cts_id=364 it really does look charcoal.

Thoroughly confused. Which colour way are they shipping and what does it look like in person?


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You could still join the QoS tie project if you're wanting a Kazan tie.

https://www.ajb007.co.uk/topic/51602/to … -post-132/


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Thank you - wasn't aware of that thread!


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I've just ordered the new restock of the Magnoli Kazan Tie and it's due to arrive on Thursday. I can send you a picture of it to let you get a look at it before purchasing.


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I'd really appreciate that - thank you in advance ajb007/smile


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I've got the Magnoli Kazan tie and I think it's great, it's silk and looks SA, it's not TF but a good low cost option.
If I had the funds I'd defo go for the real thing; got the Skyfall National Gallery tie & the Spectre Morroco tie - both through the great work of the guys here on AJB.
Here's a couple of pics of my Magnoli.
It's black and silver with small hints of brown.




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Thanks for taking the time to photograph it, Llafyks. Much appreciated.