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I am looking for recommendations for audiobooks. I would like to keep to the spy books in the James Bond theme. I have listened to all the Ian Fleming books and radio plays at work, but can only listen to them so many times before I begin to read them out loud with the narrator!


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It was my 7  year anniversary as an AJB member,yesterday.

Have you ever heard of the Emancipation Proclamation?"

" I don't listen to hip hop!"


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Congratulations hehadlotsofguts  ajb007/cheers


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Congrats on 007 anniversary


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One of the medical experts on " This Morning" giving advice from her home. Has a big
Drawing of Roger Moore surrounded with the gun barrel on the wall behind her.  ajb007/martini


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I've watched a few reviews of " Batwoman"  ( I've not see the show ), In a few sequences,
It shows our hero, basically using force on a caretaker, who's looking after Bruce Wayne's
Home etc.
   My question about this is, why bother changing the sex of a character, just to then write
them exactly as if they'd remained a man ?
To get information from the caretaker, She twists his arm and applies force. Now I'm no
expert but I think it would have been more interesting/entertaining to have our Female
Hero use other means of getting this info. Perhaps by word play, outsmarting the caretaker
in to divulging the information.
   In my opinion changing the sex of a character is just virtue signalling, if you then don't
put the work in  developing your character.


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I haven't seen the show either, but what you write makes sense.


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Batwoman is not Batman with a sex change, she is a spin-off character first introduced in Detective Comics 233 (July 1956). In the current comics there are literally dozens of spin-off characters in Gotham City inspired by Batman's example.


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Yes, I had heard of her, MY point is the show is written as if she was  MAN.
I'm not arguing about anything other than,  He handles situations like a man,
deals with villains like a man,  Hell she probably even pees standing up  ajb007/wink
A woman is not simply a Man without a penis,  there are so many
different aspects and methods that women can use to defend themselves
and deal with situations, women think differently to men. So if they are
going to do a series like this, they should spend the money on better writers.


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and yet you already said:

Thunderpussy wrote:

( I've not see the show )


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I'm guessing you're a fan ?  So I'll drop it  ajb007/rolleyes
as a great man once said "  Never Rub Another Man’s Rhubarb! "  ajb007/wink


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I haven't seen it either, don't usually watch teevee.
But I am a comic book fan, and thought I could help with a comic book question.

I think the real answer is Batman is DC Comics' most profitable property, so they market all the spin-offs they can.


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So at last we could see the return of this guy ?



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oh well done Thunderpussy!
you know your Batman spinoff characters better than I would have guessed!

I'm not sure BatMite ever had his own series, but I'm sure would have his own distinct style of solving mysteries.


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I'm willing to accept your superiority in Comic book knowledge, I have a
passing interest in Batman, having watched all the animated series ( Hence
knowing about the annoying Bat-mite ) and watching the animated Movies
like Batman: Gotham by gaslight  and Batman : The killing Joke.
  My point ( admittedly perhaps badly made using Batwoman as the example )
Was, that I think it's lazy of writers to write female characters as Men and not
go the extra mile to write them as competent, complex and layered individuals.
Although I'll drop it now as I don't want to get all preachy.
   How do you feel about the comic industry, as from what I've read Both Marvel and DC
are in real trouble with a huge drop in sales, comic shops closing and even the main
distributor going out of business ?


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My lack of superhero comics reading finally comes back to bite me. "The Phantom" is the only one I really know.  ajb007/crap


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Out of interest has Norway got any nationally loved Detectives, or literary heroes  ?


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There is of course Harry Hole. I can also mention Varg Veum, Bergen's noir style private detective. Unlike all American PI's he has a background in the child welfare services, known as "Barnevernet" in Norway and in eastern Europe were thay are portrayed as astate kidnap agency.
We also have a version of Hardyboy's favourites - The Hardy Boys. Ours are called Pelle and Proffen.
Crime fiction has become a cottage industry here, often litterary. There are incredibly many fictional detectives, and I don't know most of them. I'm willing to bet there are more fictional muders than real ones each year in Norway.

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Thunderpussy wrote:

My point ( admittedly perhaps badly made using Batwoman as the example )
Was, that I think it's lazy of writers to write female characters as Men and not
go the extra mile to write them as competent, complex and layered individuals.
Although I'll drop it now as I don't want to get all preachy.

actually I think theres a problem with the Batman movies and other DC films and teevee shows in general. The ultraviolent morally ambiguous style of the Nolan/Bale films was their biggest success in decades, and distinguished the DC films from the more colourful Marvel films. So they've milked that style for adaptations of other characters, and I don't think its always appropriate, especially for Superman or the Justice League.
As I say, I've not seen the BatWoman teevee series either, but I would not be surprised if they  were to be copying the Batman film formula as close as possible, without distinguishing BatWoman as her own character.
But someone who's actually watched the show would have a more relevant opinion.

How do you feel about the comic industry, as from what I've read Both Marvel and DC are in real trouble with a huge drop in sales, comic shops closing and even the main distributor going out of business ?

Our local comic shops have closed to walk-in traffic, like all other non-essential businesses, though a couple of the biggest ones are doing deliveries and curbside pickup. Thats gotta be a loss-leader strategy to retain customer loyalty, because theyre not getting new product in.

The comic shops have been in trouble for a longtime. Most folks who go in them are middle aged men, not kids. The smart ones try to attract a new generation of fans, but kids today have many more interesting distractions compared to when I was a lad.
And the weird irony is that despite the dominance of comic book properties in mainstream films and television, that has had almost no effect on making film-fans actually interested in the source material.

I just checked wikipedia: it looks like Diamond Distributing has suspended deliveries until all the quarantines end, so they're still in business, just dormant for the moment.
But a lot of more marginal comic shops will not be able to survive the enforced shutdown or lack of new product. Their business plan is dependent on weekly release of new issues, not back catalog.
And that extended loss of sales may also effect the publishers. I think DC is more vulnerable than Marvel, and gets less support from its parent company.
So yes, reason for comics fans to be worried.


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I know there was one hell of a fuss over Batman Killing in Batman v Superman.
Although I enjoyed Ben Affleck's Jaded, tired Batman.  I remember at the
end of The Dark night Rises the whole cinema Broke in to a round of Applause.
It's sad to see an entire range of literature namely Comic Books die out. Or
almost die out.  I had a nephew who found reading very difficult, but he got
in to comics and through reading them, his reading improved.


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Today it's one year sine the Notre Dame in Paris burned. Here is the winning design for the rebuilding of the catherdral. I'm not sure it's the best I've seen, but I like it:




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Have they decided to put a metal roof on it, in case of another fire  ajb007/wink


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I think the roof is mostly mirrors, but it's bound to be metal there too.
After further reading design didn't win the official cometition, but it won the popular vote.
I still think this design has the right idea. This isn't the first time Notre Dame burns. Each time they rebuildt it, often in the style of when the fire happened. I think they should build something that's different from what was before this fire, but keep the oultline or profile the cathedral had.


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I'm sure on sunny days it will glimmer, I only hope the rays coming off it
don't blind office worker in the surrounding area. In London a building with
a concave design on one side produced enormous amounts of heat, scorching
cars and other buildings, as it was basically a giant magnifying glass.  ajb007/biggrin


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Possibly. I was thinking of that too. I think my absolute favourite is this one: It has a greenhouse where people can walk around in the space between the ceiling and the roof, what was called "the forrest" before it burned down.