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Barbel wrote:

Sounds good, AW. I'm not on Instagram (as yet, anyway) otherwise I'd certainly take a look.

Hopefully you‘ll join someday, will be fun.  ajb007/cheers

The name is Walker by the way.


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Quentin Quigley wrote:

Congrats AugustWalker, I followed your collection. Looking forward to seeing your stuff. Do you collect non-clothing props?

Thanks! And a big YES, clothing was never my cup of tea, only did a little bit of it during DC‘s tenure.
I mainly have memorabilia, toys, promotion, standees, food&beverage,...
You name it, but you‘ll see  ajb007/smile

The name is Walker by the way.


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Pierce Brosnan had to do the Heimlich on Hally Barry when she almost choked on a fig while filming DAD.

https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/hal … 29464.html


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cuz he learned how from Mrs Doubtfire


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Odd Job.

I am not sure if these have been seen before but in case not I post links here: