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qbvi wrote:

Looking at the two shoes I have, they are not identified as in model serial number. But each one bears a number which could be the casino imprint. On the side is a plaque which you look for as a chemin de fer card draw guide. This differentiates these shoes from the blackjack ones. I found my shoes from Australia....a looong way from France. Took me years.

PoorMansJB wrote:

Slight tangent:
Would anyone have any idea what brand or other identifying information there is for the card shoe used in the scene?
There are quite a number of them around but so far not found one with the distinctive metal trim.

And at the top left it says .... Caro, yes?
I've seen many with J.A.L France (as my one from Le Cercle is I believe).


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Well, what can I say? The set on Heritage has 2 bids now ($2600) so mine are an (even bigger) absolute bargain.....

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Any body have any idea what the set on Heritage actually sold for?
It says 4 bids so.............


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$2800 for a set that isn't "top grade" wow, I knew I'd under priced them but..................


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DrNoPlaques wrote:

$2800 for a set that isn't "top grade" wow, I knew I'd under priced them but..................

That's the crapshoot that is an offline or live auction. They can fetch prices five to ten times as high as eBay but Heritage and other auction houses earn 40% of hammer price, 20% from seller and buyer each. So buyer is paying $3360 plus ship/insurance and seller gets $2240, not $2800, and if at profit, pays collectibles tax in the US of 28%!

For another example, I've seen Casino Royale plaques go for $10,000 or more at a live auction, each, or for a few hundred dollars! Yee-ouch!


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Very true Matt, no worries though as glad to see they sold for more as opposed to less.
Hope life is treating you well, take care and have fun.


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I've watched the clip a few times but in better quality and I'm pretty sure that the chap to Bond's right, who gets the shoe when he leaves, has a couple of white plaques under his £500s in the pile closest to him which by the look of it don't have cut corners so I think it has to be this one. There are only 3 times that you can get a glimpse of them I think but if anybody can be bothered to confirm, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.



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Best I can do, can anyone else get better screens?


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Thanks Matt, see what I mean? Hope all is well, take care and have fun.


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I think they do definitely look like £1000 plaques.  ajb007/martini



One of us smells like a tart's handkerchief.


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Thanks, so do I but great to have another "confirmation" although if I didn't know about them already I would never have "guessed" so............thanks both.