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Dalton is like a fine  wine, it takes a few years for his greatness to
be appreciated  ajb007/lol

And he is getting progressively hotter.... Just saying....

I've always wanted to have Christmas in Turkey


Re: The ULTIMATE bond ranking- your 1-20

Revolver66 wrote:
Wadsy wrote:

This has always been a tough one for me to do, but I think I've finally found the ultimate ranking...

24. Die Another Day (2/10) - Yeah... Besides the first half hour or so this movie is a complete train wreck. Nothing stands out as being good, except for what you see BEFORE Iceland. It really did have the makings of a good Bond movie, but like Moonraker, this one feels it needed to go way over the top in the second half, but unlike that film where it was superb, this one is just complete s*it.

23. Quantum Of Solace (3/10) - This film was just unfortunate on so many levels. Everything about it felt underwhelming and uninspired compared to what we had seen in not only the previous film, but most of the entire series. A very 'B' grade movie feel to it, just rushed and directed with the thought of making a Bond movie and not the 'best' bond. Daniel Craig is awful here, directing sucked, villain was the worst of the series and the plot was terrible.

22. Tomorrow Never Dies (4/10) - I am truly sorry for anyone who feels offended by this, but I just can't stand this film. In fact, I dislike it so much that even talking about it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. It's basically Goldeneye, but nowhere near as good in any capacity. The plot is outlandish and underwhelming, the villain is sloppy, the Bond girl is good but forgettable, Brosnan's performance is even worse here than in the previous film, and the locations are hideous. I'm not a fan, not now, not ever.

21. Diamonds Are Forever (4/10) - It was hard deciding which to put higher between this and Tomorrow Never Dies. This film has an actor who only returned for a large sum of money, and it shows. Peter Hunt's beautiful direction in On Her Majesty's Secret Service was good for nothing for the douche bag known as Guy Hamilton who released this steaming pile of dong. Nothing is good about this movie, cheap boring locations - yup can't stand Las Vegas. Tiffany Case is a laughing joke, as was Wint and Mr. Kidd, Charles Gray is the worst Blofeld and cannot be taken seriously, the score sucks and many things are just hard to stomach. Most disappointingly was the fact that this should have been a sequel to Majesty's, boy was I wrong.

20. You Only Live Twice (4/10) - It's hard ranking another Sean Connery movie so low, but this one suffers a lot from what I mentioned with Diamonds Are Forever. This was Connery's fifth performance as 007 and he just wasn't here, and the bond movies that seem to be affected the most are ones where the hero just doesn't give a care. The plot of this movie was somewhat lackluster compared with the first four Bond films, and while the first half had a lot going for it, the second half just blows. Aki was a good Bond girl, and was killed off in favour of a forgettable inclusion. The only good in this movie were the exotic locations and the first half, which is still flawed.

19. The World Is Not Enough (5/10) - Sadly, another mediocre Bond film starring Pierce Brosnan. Boy he sure did get his nasty inclusions, and this one is passable, but on a deeply flawed level. I found this film rushed in many areas, particularly with Elecktra and Bond, the whole plot and also what is considered the worst Bond girl - Denise Richards which I completely agree with. I don't have much to say about TWINE, other than it's a weak forgettable entry, but still better than the ones I've ranked lower obviously.

18. Moonraker (5/10) - This movie is one of the most ridiculous flicks of all time. Roger Moore is comfortable as Bond in his fourth portrayal and it clearly shows, the opening scene is among the best pre credits scenes, and while the movie starts slow during the California scenes, it quickly picks up in Venice and that trend continues into Rio and the amazon. It is an entertaining movie, but that does not make it a good film, as nothing makes sense as the producers expect us just to go along with it. Don't ask what happens when they get into space. The plot is confusing for the first two thirds of the movie and doesn't make anything clear, and why would MI6 randomly discover that the Moonraker hijacking was done by it's own creator? Evidence anyone? Most characters are down to comical relief, and it's over the top, campy and just terrible in comparison to TSWLM. This is the worst Roger Moore Bond movie... Yes folks, even more than TMWTGG which was my least favourite for years.

17. The Man With The Golden Gun (6/10) -  TMWTGG isn't a great film by any stretch of the imagination, even though I felt that while Scaramanga was one of Moore's best adversaries.  His part was just used inefficiently, particularly in the climax and his poor death scene. Nick Nack was very annoying as a character, Britt Eckland, while gorgeous is completely useless, the locations were nothing special considering that Asia was the done to death in You Only Live Twice. It's campy as hell, Sheriff J W Pepper made this cringe-worthy, and the middle part was full of silly karate scenes and Bond's worst ally who drives off without him, because as 'DutchBondFan' states, Hip is a moron! 'M' is irritated the entire movie and it doesn't do half of what Live And Let Die did well, where you really felt a threat from the antagonists. It's not a bad film, but certainly one of Moore's weakest.

16. Thunderball (7/10) - This movie has really gone up my list over the last few years. While it's not up with the quality of DN, FRWL and GF, it works on many levels. The only things that bring it down are the long underwater scenes and how badly some back projection has aged. The plot is very good with Spectre's third appearance in a Bond film, and while it is a bit slow in some places, I thoroughly enjoyed the fight scenes and various bond girls.

15. Goldeneye (7/10) - Yeah, as you can probably already tell, I'm not a Pierce Brosnan fan. He is my least favourite actor of the six, but this is definitely his best film/performance. With the cold war over, this film is about a corrupt 00 agent who is now in league with the devil (not literally), and is out for revenge against James Bond and England for his own selfish reasons. While some people claim Alec is the best villain, I disagree feeling as if there was a missed opportunity. Whenever I watch this movie I feel disappointed that it was not Timothy Dalton, as this film felt made for him. The locations are good, though I wasn't a fan of the Russian segment due to the storyline, and the score is just OK. It's not a bad film, but a decent one with several missed opportunities.

14. Skyfall (7/10) - This movie finally establishes Daniel Craig as James Bond, and he pulls off a wicked performance as the 00 agent. I really really wanted to like this one more, I mean really... but there are a lot of problems. First and foremost are it's plot holes, which are so many that I honestly had a hard time following what was going on a lot of the time. There is no Bond girl which really downgrades the overall quality of SF, and the main villain, while excellent in the bad guy department isn't introduced until half way in, making the first half quite dull in comparison. The second half of the movie is some of the best scenes I have seen in Bond and it was sad to see 'M' get killed off, but all of this could not pick the film enough for me to consider it a great flick. 

13. Live And Let Die (7/10) - Roger Moore's debut wasn't exactly the finest Bond film ever, but it gets the job done. I enjoyed his performance here, Jayne Seymour's performance and the villains along with David Hedison as Felix Leiter. The Caribbean Island scenes were fun to watch, as well as the crocodile farm scene and the boat chase. It is a bit silly in some areas and has a somewhat underwhelming final, but it's miles ahead of Moore's second film and is an entertaining watch.

12. Casino Royale (8/10) - I never used to think highly of this movie, but after a recent viewing it has gone up in my rankings a lot. The movie itself is a reboot to the series which is more than fine, it hosts a lot of action scenes, suspense and it's also entertaining in parts. The plot makes a lot of sense, and it is fast paced and serious. Daniel Craig's performance is very good, even though he isn't my favourite Bond. What really lifts this movie up for me is La Chiffre, excellent storytelling and directing and it just shows that not every movie needs to have a good ending. To date, it is my second favourite Daniel Craig Bond film.

11. Spectre (8/10) - One of the most underrated films in the series. SP is by far my favourite of the Daniel Craig films, as I felt that it perfectly blended the stories between the last three films and one epic rollercoaster with Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Bond, Madeline, and Mr. White. The British secret service continue to shine and I like the first half just as much as I like the second, and the action scenes are a superb inclusion to the series. It's suspenseful, exciting and enjoyable, with Craig pulling his best performance as well. My only gripe would be the the realism of Bond's relationship to Swan, but hey, Skyfall took us straight from Macau and forced an introduction to the villain without any real explanation.

10. Octopussy (8/10) - I loved the 80's Bond films, and this is no exception. Roger Moore is starting to look a bit old at 55, but his character, suaveness and personality are still intact here, something I can't say for A View To A Kill. The plot is very much about the cold war, and these types of plots are ultimately my favourite in a Bond as they are not outlandish. Kamal Khan and Orlov are memorable villains, India was a top notch location and even Germany to a degree. It's only let down by overly silly moments like the tarzan yell and gorilla costume (clown never bothered me much). The climax isn't great, nor is the ending but overall - it is my third favourite Moore Bond film and it is memorable.

9. Goldfinger (8/10) - A favourite to most, and I agree that it is an incredible film that illustrates the character of James Bond. It has a strong plot, a strong villain / henchmen and a decent score. It showcases Switzerland nicely, a beautiful Aston Martin DB5 belonging to James Bond and just a high quality film. It's only weakness is once they get to Kentucky, where the pace slows down and Kentucky was just a bland location in comparison. Some of the effects during the attack on Fort Knox are heavily dated, Galore was in no way a memorable Bond girl for me personally and Auric's death is pretty underwhelming, but overall it is a classic.

8. Dr No (8/10) - While I don't often watch the original film as a random pick to pass time, the film itself is still one of the best in the series. It's beautifully directed, memorable and just a very fun factor. Sean Connery pulls off an awesome first performance as the 00 agent, the locations are peaceful, natural and very enjoyable, and the villain is great, despite not seeing him on screen that long. I guess DN is only brought down by the fact that the climax is rather bland compared to every other Bond film out there, but Bond girl is great as are the side characters. Great movie, definitely worth it.

7. A View To A Kill (8/10) - I really enjoy and even love AVTAK, and I am not joking. I believe that this was the biggest missed opportunity for the series, for Timothy Dalton not to have started here. However, the movie itself is just so damn entertaining and enjoyable. It has the makings of a top grade bond film, such as best villain in the series with Walken and Grace Jones, terrific locations in France and San Francisco, and I honestly enjoyed Zorin's microchip plot here more than Goldfinger's, but all of that is only downgraded by two issues. The first and foremost is Roger Moore, who visibly aged since the last film and his performance, while good for someone his age shows that his charm is declining compared to previous films, but in some ways it's a good thing because he pulls in more of a serious performance this time as with FYEO. The second issue are the stunt doubles - in most films where they hide it, here it's too much as they are shown in Paris, and then with Gogol's double in San Fran. Had Timothy Dalton started here, this might have been my favourite of the series. With what it is, it is still up there despite it's flaws because it is a realistic, serious Bond film that actually makes more sense than a lot of the Roger Moore bond films thanks to director John Glen, the villain, action scenes and overall enjoyable factor.

6. The Spy Who Loved Me (9/10) - Epic movie from start to finish. Roger Moore does one of his best performances here and it shows. Barbara Bach shines as the Bond girl, the opening scene is among the best of the series, score is very 70's but fantastic, the Lotus scene and chase is highly memorable, and then you have a lot of fun with Jaws. The only downside is once the film heads to the submarine and tanker just over half way in. It slows down but quickly picks up for the final fight between Bond and the brilliant Stromberg. Classic James Bond and one of the best in the series.

5. Licence to Kill (9/10) - The first mention of Timothy Dalton, and as you can probably tell I rank his performance and both of his films highly. John Glen directed both of his films and the previous three as well, and I would say his direction of FYEO and these two Dalton films were among the best we've seen. This film is dark, believable, gritty, and it really goes personal with Bond avenging Felix Leiter after the death of his wife. Whether its the hotness of Talisa Soto or the hard edged Bond girl of Carey Lowell, it delivers. Franz Sanchez is an excellent villain, and while some may say his plot of drug smuggling is bland, well his plot shouldn't even be the main point. It's Bond's personal revenge against that lunatic for what he has done - and it also delivers. Everyone acts superbly and my only negatives would be the cheap locations and score.

4. From Russia With Love (9/10) - The crown jewel of the Sean Connery era. This was the first cold war thriller entry into the series and one of the best. The plot is suspenseful and done very well, all action scenes including the gypsy camp fight, train sequence and boat chase are excellent, the villains are SPECTRE with Blofeld out to kill bond for revenge on Dr No are superb, and the Bond girl remains to be one of the best in the series. I don't have any flaws, except that the Bond theme is overplayed and Connery isn't shown for a good 20 minutes.

3. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (9/10) - I love OHMSS, whether anyone thinks George Lazenby's performance was bad or otherwise. I still prefer him over Brosnan, and this movie is really the king of Bond in the 60's. It was well ahead of time, and pulls ahead of most other Bond movies for it's plot - which is both a love story, and a plot to destroy Blofeld for the second time following You Only Live Twice. My only gripe with the movie are the major plot holes between Bond and Blofeld recognizing him. I just take that down to Bond being in disguise, because even if Blofeld hasn't met Bond, it wouldn't make any sense because Bond didn't know Blofeld's name until YOLT where he formerly introduced himself to Bond. Diana Rigg is easily the best Bond girl of the entire series -well tied with Havelock from FYEO, the locations are beautiful and the score is up there as one of the best.

2. The Living Daylights (9/10) - Holy Jesus, this film was yet another comeback to the series after Moore's last film which suffered from old age, and then we have Timothy Dalton in a film that feels a lot like FYEO. It's a cold war thriller entry, with the best performance from a Bond actor, an exceptional girl, a great suspenseful plot that builds and finally unleashes in Afghanistan, and some of the best action scenes in the series. This movie is a solid A, and only faulters with the plane scene on the ground/war scene near the end, and while the villains get a less than satisfactory send off, it's realistic. I also would have preferred Gogol to be the head of the KGB so that we could see the same guy who Bond has been up against since TSWLM, but whatever, it makes sense for Bond to have less trust in a new head of the KGB like it did here. Henchmen are excellent, and this is John Barry's best score.

1. For Your Eyes Only (10/10) - My favourite film of the series. Do what OHMSS and TLD did, and you have a perfect film. This film goes back to basics after the outlandish MR, and Moore pulls off his best performance which is serious but hard edged. This film has it all for me, best score in the series done by Bill Conti, best action with the car and ski chases, the mountain climb scene, an excellent bond girl who may be my best in the series, and a suspenseful realistic plot. I love FYEO, and I don't see it ever losing the #1 position.

Great write up Wadsy. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it  ajb007/smile And an interesting ranking

I've seen a few of the Bond films recently again and I would have to say that Goldfinger and Licence To Kill have gone even higher on my rankings so I might have to do it again.

1. FYEO 2. OHMSS 3. TLD 4. FRWL 5. LTK 6. TSWLM 7. CR 8. OP  9. GF 10. DN 11. MR 12. SP 13. LALD 14. QOS 15. TB 16. SF 17. TMWTGG 18. GE 19. YOLT 20. AVTAK 21. TND 22. TWINE 23. DAF 24. DAD

1. Dalton 2. Connery 3. Moore 4. Craig 5. Lazenby  6. Brosnan


Re: The ULTIMATE bond ranking- your 1-20

80's for me all the way.

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1. FYEO 2. OHMSS 3. TLD 4. FRWL 5. LTK 6. TSWLM 7. CR 8. OP  9. GF 10. DN 11. MR 12. SP 13. LALD 14. QOS 15. TB 16. SF 17. TMWTGG 18. GE 19. YOLT 20. AVTAK 21. TND 22. TWINE 23. DAF 24. DAD

1. Dalton 2. Connery 3. Moore 4. Craig 5. Lazenby  6. Brosnan


Re: The ULTIMATE bond ranking- your 1-20

1.OHMSS: This is still my favorite Bond movie. It is the most loyal one to the novel (which is one of Fleming's best) it has the best soundtrack, the best Bond girl, amazing scenery, a great villain. Lazenby is decent too and excels in the fight scenes and the end scene.

2 FRWL: An excellent movie. Also very loyal to the novel. Connery in fine form. Kerim Bey is one of the best allies, the plot is simple, not over the top, it is a classic spy thriller. The third act is a bit less exciting, but overall a fantastic movie. I love Bond's outfits also, he looks so classy.

3 DN: This movie has climbed higher over the last year or so. Especially on Blu Ray, it just looks amazing. Connery is immediately fantastic in the role, he looks amazing, his intro is cinema history. For a relative cheap movie, it has so many classic moments. Love this movie.

4 GF: The defining Bond movie, which just breathes swinging 60's. It also oozes one thing: Fun. Connery is so confident and comfortable in the role of Bond, it is the best performance of any Bond actor. Frobe is terrific as Goldfinger too, the soundtrack is pure class, the colors of the movie is amazing. The only thing that brings it down is that Bond itself doesn't really do that much, strangely enough.

5 CR: Great reboot. I still think Craig is to ugly to be Bond and misses the class and sophistication that is required for a Bond movie, but he does ooze danger and looks like a killer. Loyal to the book, with additional great scenes like the free running scene, the airport scene etc.

6 GE: My most watched Bond movie from my youth. Brosnan looks like a Bond actor supposed to. Suave, handsome, sophisticated but with a bit of danger. Onatopp is a great villainess, although I thought Trevelyan was a bit bland. As was Natalya. But great colours, production values and brought back Bond back to the world audience.

7 SP: Yep, I like Spectre. Finally a bit more classic Bond back now during the Craig era. A bit more humor and some gadgets, without overloading it. Definitely has flaws and I can already see this movie dropping soon a few places though.

8 YOLT: My guilty pleasure Bond. I love Japan (hence the name) and this movie is one of my most watched ones. Love the scenery obviously, the soundtrack, the sets from Ken Adam, Tiger Tanaka, Aki. Connery is the weak part of the movie, because he is phoning it in. But still, one of the movies I enjoy the most.

9 TB: Maybe this one is still too high. I do enjoy it, but it feels over long. Some scenes really drag on. But I love the
,plot, the locations, the music, Largo, the Spectre meeting room, and the sexiness of Thunderball as a movie.

10 TSWLM: The Goldfinger of the 70's. has almost all the Bond elements, except for a Barry soundtrack and a real memorable villain. But it is Moore at his very best. Should maybe move higher. Anya is my favourite Bond girl lookswise.

11 LALD: This one has a very consistent high tempo. It just never stops, it is like a bullet. One of the most fun movies, with some classic scenes like the alligator jump, the boat chase.

12 TLD: The first half of this movie is flawless. It becomes a lot less interesting for me when they arrive in Afghanistan. and the villains are among the most bland ones, as well as the Bond girl. Dalton does well though and brings back some new energy to the series.

13 TND: Brosnan's second best. Love the Arnold soundtrack. But it is probably the most generic Bond movie. It touches upon all the Bond elements, without ever really excelling. Hence maybe the middle of the ranking. I see this one dropping over time though.

14 FYEO: A solid movie, Bond back to basic. Has very strong elements, but it does lack a strong villain. Bibi Dahl and the end scene with Thatcher brings it down. But I might be a bit too harsh for this movie. It was nice to see Moore play it straight for most of the movie.

15 SF: I know, this one is quite low, but I am not a big fan of this movie. Silva is great, some of the locations are great too, but I am missing the 'fun'  of the Bond movies with some of Craig's work.

16 MR: A mixed bag. Still very enjoyable, but with a bit too much slapstick with some hits and also a lot of misses: Jaws is   Brexit in this movie, the pigeon double take, the laser fight in space. Drax is great though!

17 TMWTGG: I like Asia a lot but maybe this movie is still too high. Scaramanga is a fantastic villain, the locations are amazing and the plot is quite interesting. A little bit too much kung fu though and Goodnight is a rubbish Bond girl (but easy on the eyes.)

18 TWINE: I like Brosnan in this performance. I like Electra. I dislike Christmas Jones and Renard though. And the locations are the worst of the series, even the ski chase is boring. I see it as a missed opportunity, because Brosnan deserved better in

19 OP: I see why some people really like it. The colours are great, and I still enjoy this one too. It is just a bit boring at the end and some areas are cringe worthy: the monkey suit, the tarzan yell, the clown suit, the stereotype Germans in the car chase. But it does have strong elements too: Octopussy is a great Bond girl, Khamal Khan is fantastic.

20 AVTAK: Also still enjoy it, one of the most watched movies in my youth. But Moore is really too old now for the role, as are most of the traditional cast. Walken is great though, but the Bond girl Roberts is one of the worst. Love Grace Jones though, she is awesome.

21 DAF: This is the missed opportunity Bond after the great OHMSS. Blofeld in drag, Tiffany Case started strong but ended as a bimbo. Soundtrack is great though. But Connery is past his prime, and Vegas is the least Bond like location.

22 LTK: I see this as a cheap TV action movie, very much like Miami Vice. Great series, but it doesnt feel like a Bond movie. It all looks so cheap and dated.

23 QOS: Boring plot and villain. Craig did well and looked great, but this movie looks to artsy for a Bond movie and like a Bourne rip off.

24 DAD: a Train wreck. the first hour was actually quite good/decent. But then it fell apart and then some and became a XXX rip off with terrible effects. Poor Haley berry was terrible and poor Brosnan never got a really great Bond movie to shine in.


1. Connery 2. Craig 3. Brosnan 4. Dalton 5. Lazenby 6. Moore


Re: The ULTIMATE bond ranking- your 1-20

I haven't been active here very long. Though I have been reading the forum for some time.
Perhaps if I note my ranking of the Bond movies it will give you a better understanding of how I enjoy the series.

24. Die Another Day
23. Tomorrow Never Dies
22. Spectre
21. The World Is Not Enough
20. A View To A Kill
19. Moonraker
18. Skyfall
17. The Man With The Golden Gun
16. Diamonds Are Forever
15. Goldeneye
14. Octopussy
13. You Only Live Twice
12. Licence To Kill
11. Quantum Of Solace
10. The Living Daylights
09. For Your Eyes Only
08. Casino Royale
07. Live And Let Die
06. The Spy Who Loved Me
05. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
04. Thunderball
03. Dr.No
02. From Russia With Love
01. Goldfinger


Re: The ULTIMATE bond ranking- your 1-20

1. From Russia with Love
2. The Spy Who Loved Me
3. Casino Royale
4. Goldfinger
5. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
6. GoldenEye
7. You Only Live Twice
8. Dr. No
9. For Your Eyes Only
10. Licence to Kill
11. Thunderball
12. Skyfall
13. Live and Let Die
14. Octopussy
15. The Living Daylights
16. Tomorrow Never Dies
17. Moonraker
18. The Man with the Golden Gun
19. A View to a Kill
20. The World is Not Enough
21. Diamonds Are Forever
22. Spectre
23(1). Die Another Day
23(2).Quantum of Solace


Re: The ULTIMATE bond ranking- your 1-20

RagalElMostaheel wrote:

17. Moonraker
18. The Man with the Golden Gun
19. A View to a Kill

The trilogy of RM films that people don't seem to like, but are actually awesome.  ajb007/biggrin

My current 10 favorite:

1. GE 2. MR 3. OP 4. TMWTGG 5. TSWLM 6. TND 7. TWINE 8.DN 9. GF 10. AVTAK


Re: The ULTIMATE bond ranking- your 1-20

There are many films that have rotated in and out of my top rankings and that's just part of the fun ajb007/smile

What you know from my signature: 

1. MR 2. GE 3. TSWLM 4. DN 5. GF 6. TND 7. TMWTGG 8. OP 9. TWINE 10. AVTAK

The rest:

11. LTK
12. TLD
13. TB
14. FRWL
15. LALD

16. DAD
17. YOLT
18. DAF
19. QoS
20. CR

21. SP
22. FYEO
24. SF

My current 10 favorite:

1. GE 2. MR 3. OP 4. TMWTGG 5. TSWLM 6. TND 7. TWINE 8.DN 9. GF 10. AVTAK


Re: The ULTIMATE bond ranking- your 1-20

27. Spectre
26. '67 Casino Royale
25. Diamonds are Forever

24. Die Another Day
23. Tomorrow Never Dies
22. Quantum of Solace

21. The Man with the Golden Gun
20. A View to a Kill
19. Climax Casino Royale

18. The World is Not Enough
17. Never Say Never Again
16. Skyfall

15. Thunderball
14. Moonraker
13. License to Kill

12. Goldeneye
11. You Only Live Twice
10. Octopussy
09. The Living Daylights

08. Live and Let Die
07. Dr. No
06. Casino Royale
05. On her Majesty's Secret Service

04. From Russia with Love
03. Goldfinger
02. The Spy who Loved Me
01. For Your Eyes Only

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Re: The ULTIMATE bond ranking- your 1-20

Final ranking until No Time to Die arrives.

1. GoldenEye
2. Licence to Kill
3. The Living Daylights
4. Casino Royale
5. Quantum of Solace
6. Thunderball
7. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
8. Dr. No
9. From Russia with Love
10. Goldfinger
11. For Your Eyes Only
12. Live and Let Die
13. Tomorrow Never Dies
14. Die Another Day
15. The World Is Not Enough
16. Octopussy
17. Diamonds Are Forever
18. The Spy Who Loved Me
19. Moonraker
20. A View to a Kill
21. Skyfall
22. You Only Live Twice
23. The Man with the Golden Gun


24. Spectre

1. Connery 2. Moore 3. Dalton 4. Brosnan 5. Craig 6. Lazenby


Re: The ULTIMATE bond ranking- your 1-20

Interesting list. I definitely agree with the large gap.


Re: The ULTIMATE bond ranking- your 1-20

Here's mine:

24. Spectre
23. Quantum of Solace
22. Moonraker
21. Octopussy
20. Die Another Day
19. Diamonds Are Forever
18. You Only Live Twice
17. The World Is Not Enough
16. A View to a Kill
15. For Your Eyes Only
14. The Man with the Golden Gun
13. The Spy Who Loved Me
12. Tomorrow Never Dies
11. Dr. No
10. Thunderball
9. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
8. Goldfinger
7. Live and Let Die
6. GoldenEye
5. From Russia With Love
4. Licence to Kill
3. The Living Daylights
2. Casino Royale
1. Skyfall

"Luck was a servant and not a master." - Ian Fleming, Casino Royale


Re: The ULTIMATE bond ranking- your 1-20

24. Die Another Day
23. Diamonds Are Forever
22. The World Is Not Enough
21. You Only Live Twice
20. Tomorrow Never Dies
19. Goldeneye
18. The Man With The Golden Gun
17. Skyfall
16. Thunderball
15. Quantum Of Solace
14. Live And Let Die
13. Spectre
12. Moonraker
11. Dr No
10. A View To A Kill
9. Goldfinger
8. Octopussy
7. Casino Royale
6. The Spy Who Loved Me
5. Licence To Kill
4. From Russia With Love
3. The Living Daylights
2. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
1. For Your Eyes Only

1. FYEO 2. OHMSS 3. TLD 4. FRWL 5. LTK 6. TSWLM 7. CR 8. OP  9. GF 10. DN 11. MR 12. SP 13. LALD 14. QOS 15. TB 16. SF 17. TMWTGG 18. GE 19. YOLT 20. AVTAK 21. TND 22. TWINE 23. DAF 24. DAD

1. Dalton 2. Connery 3. Moore 4. Craig 5. Lazenby  6. Brosnan


Re: The ULTIMATE bond ranking- your 1-20

1. GoldenEye
2. Licence to Kill
3. The Living Daylights
4. Casino Royale
5. Quantum of Solace
6. Thunderball
7. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
8. Dr. No
9. From Russia with Love
10. Goldfinger
11. For Your Eyes Only
12. Live and Let Die
13. Tomorrow Never Dies
14. Die Another Day
15. The World Is Not Enough
16. Octopussy
17. Diamonds Are Forever
18. The Spy Who Loved Me
19. Skyfall
20. A View to a Kill
21. Moonraker
22. You Only Live Twice
23. The Man with the Golden Gun
24. Spectre

1. Connery 2. Moore 3. Dalton 4. Brosnan 5. Craig 6. Lazenby


Re: The ULTIMATE bond ranking- your 1-20


24. Skyfall                                    5/10
23. Spectre                                   5/10
22. Quantum of Solace                  6/10
21. Casino Royale                         6/10
20. Live and Let Die                      6/10
19. Diamonds Are Forever             6/10
18. A View to a Kill                        6/10
17. The Man with the Golden Gun   7/10
16. The Spy Who Loved Me            7/10
15. The World Is Not Enough         7/10
14. For Your Eyes Only                  7/10
13. The Living Daylights                7/10
(Never Say Never Again)               8/10
12. Moonraker                              8/10
11. Die Another Day                      8/10
10. On Her Majesty's Secret Service 8/10
9. GoldenEye                                 9/10
8. Licence to Kill                            9/10
7. Octopussy                                 9/10
6. Tomorrow Never Dies                 9/10
5. Thunderball                              10/10
4. From Russia with Love               10/10
3. Dr. No                                      10/10
2. Goldfinger                                10/10
1. You Only Live Twice                   10/10


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Re: The ULTIMATE bond ranking- your 1-20

Interesting list, and welcome!  ajb007/cheers


Re: The ULTIMATE bond ranking- your 1-20

Top 20 for 2020!

These are my favorites after concluding a Bond marathon earlier this year.

1. Goldeneye
2. Moonraker
3. Octopussy
4. The Man with the Golden Gun
5. The Spy Who Loved Me

6. Tomorrow Never Dies
7. The World Is Not Enough
8. Dr. No
9. Goldfinger
10. A View to a Kill

11. The Living Daylights
12. Licence to Kill
13. Die Another Day
14. Live and Let Die
15. Thunderball

16. From Russia With Love
17. You Only Live Twice
18. Diamonds Are Forever
19. For Your Eyes Only
20. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

My current 10 favorite:

1. GE 2. MR 3. OP 4. TMWTGG 5. TSWLM 6. TND 7. TWINE 8.DN 9. GF 10. AVTAK


Re: The ULTIMATE bond ranking- your 1-20

Firemass wrote:

2. Moonraker
3. Octopussy

You have a good taste! I don't agree with the rest of your ranking, but it's refreshing to see the two best Roger Moore films get proper recognition!



Re: The ULTIMATE bond ranking- your 1-20

It's been nine years since I've visited this great forum, and I'm so happy to see it's still alive and kicking (though the new posts have crawled to a halt recently.  I can only hope they pick back up again once the new Bond movie is released in October). Way back in post #274 I used everybody's posted lists to compile a median Top 20.  Since then there have been many more lists posted, and I've spent considerable time updating my records to account for them.  So, once again, I present you the median rankings list - this time the Top 24.  For those of you with multiple lists, only the most current one has been used.

1. From Russia with Love (-)
2. Casino Royale (NEW)
3. Goldfinger (-1)
4. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (-1)
5. GoldenEye (+2)
6. The Living Daylights (-2)
7. Skyfall (NEW)
8. The Spy Who Loved Me (-2)
9. Dr. No (-)
10. Thunderball (-5)
11. License to Kill (-1)
12. For Your Eyes Only (-4)
13. Live and Let Die (-)
14. You Only Live Twice (-3)
16. The World is Not Enough (-4)
17. Octopussy (-2)
18. Tomorrow Never Dies (-4)
19. The Man with the Golden Gun (-1)
20. Moonraker (-3)
21. A View to a Kill (-2)
22. Diamonds Are Forever (-6)
23. Quantum of Solace (NEW)
24. Die Another Day (-4)

I'm in the process of a personal Bond marathon.  When I complete it I will be posting my personal updated list (hopefully with commentary this time).

Until then...enjoy!

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1-tb, 2-dn, 3-ohmss, 4-frwl, 5-fyeo, 6-gf, 7-tmwtgg. 8-op, 9-lald, 10-daf, 11-mr, 12-tswlm, 13-ltk, 14-cr, 15-tld, 16-yolt, 17-avtak, 18-ge, 19-tnd, 20-twine, 21-qos, 22-dad, 23-sf


Re: The ULTIMATE bond ranking- your 1-20

Hey!  ajb007/martini  Here's my updated rankings for June 2020 after a lockdown marathon.

1. Goldeneye
2. For Your Eyes Only
3. The World Is Not Enough
4. A View To A Kill
5. Tomorrow Never Dies
6. Live And Let Die
7. Octopussy
8. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
9. Goldfinger
10. Skyfall
11. You Only Live Twice
12. The Man With The Golden Gun
13. Casino Royale
14. The Living Daylights
15. Thunderball
16. The Spy Who Loved Me
17. Moonraker
18. Spectre
19. From Russia With Love
20. Dr. No
21. Licence To Kill
22. Quantum Of Solace
23. Diamonds Are Forever
24. Die Another Day

Expections for No Time To Die: A mystery on how the film will come together as a whole, given that they are doing new things that haven't previously been done with the franchise. A wild card that could rank ANYWHERE from 1 to 25!

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1. Goldeneye 2. For Your Eyes Only 3. TWINE 4. AVTAK 5. TND 6. LALD
7. Octopussy 8. OHMSS 9. Goldfinger 10. Skyfall 11. YOLT 12. TMWTGG
13. Casino Royale 14. TLD 15. Thunderball 16. TSWLM 17. Moonraker
18. Spectre 19. FRWL 20. Dr. No 21. LTK 22. QoS 23. DAF 24. DAD