Re: AJB live commentary on DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER

Shady Tree wrote:

@CHB. Unlike Robert Shaw or Bruce Glover, Joe Robinson was more of a stuntman than an actor. He was Connery's martial arts trainer and had doubled for Hans in YOLT. Wint and Kidd as they are fit well in the kind of Bond film that DAF wants to be. If we imagine that DAF had been made between FRWL and GF and directed by Terence Young as a straight Bond film of that vintage, it would have been a very different proposition, probably a lot closer to Fleming, and the casting choices very different. I'd have loved to have seen that film, too.

I was thinking more of having him as a shadowy figure for the whole movie until the end, as Shaw was in FRWL, just disposing of Mrs Whistler etc., and then having his few lines on the cruise liner. He handled his lines competently enough in DAF so am sure he could have done so. Obviously he doesn’t have the acting prowess of Shaw. I think I read somewhere that he was actually up for the part of Red Grant, thankfully Shaw got he part as no one could have topped that performance.

Yeah, well, sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand.