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For the last couple of days I've been watering the lawn. It's a very exotic exeprience and it feels unnatural, like turning on a heater in Sahara  ajb007/lol

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Watering the lawn? Not something that we need to do here in Scotland!


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That what I would have say about the Norwegian west coast until a week ago.
The story about Noah and the rain going on for forthy days and forthy nights don' t impress people like us. Forthy days and nigths of rain  isn't biblical here, it's gritty realism.   ajb007/lol

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Tom Cruise wouldn't need a stuntman, would he?

You're probably right Number24, I always just assumed those scenes in MI would have been undertaken by a stuntman.

"How was your lamb?" "Skewered. One sympathises."


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The state-owned Pakistani International Airways (PIA) aren't allowed to land in Europe anymore bacause about 20% of the pilots aren't actually ...... pilots.  ajb007/lol
The "pilots" paid someone else to thake the exams and bribed when needed. I suspect this is a symptom of a society that has some deep-seated problems.