Topic: Tomorrow Never Dies Prop Grenade / Device

Hi all,

I have managed to obtain an original Prop grenade from TND. Same style as the one exhibited at the BOND in MOTION exhibition.

I’m looking to create a display with it in a glass jar... is anyone aware of any replicas of the detonation device from Bond’s Omega? I guess I’d need something like that and the red topped capsule that is taped around the jar. Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


Re: Tomorrow Never Dies Prop Grenade / Device

Nice find!
By no means accurate, I made my own prop of this as I liked that part of the film showing Bond using his initiative.
Couldn’t find much to go on so I used a quartz watch movement, attached a crown and I think I used a pen refill for the detonator.


Re: Tomorrow Never Dies Prop Grenade / Device

Thanks UNCLE27! Appreciate your input...great mockup!  ajb007/biggrin