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A Red Sea diving resort was actually a Mossad operation to help Sudanse Jews escape to Israel:



A movie about this mission staring Chris Evans was made last year:

Trailer: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=re … ORM=VRDGAR



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The daring mission to steal V2 missile secrets from the nazis

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqystIYoJ6o


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Was the end-of-cold-war rock ballad "Wind of change" by German band Scorpions actually a CIA psycological operation and written by the agency? As bizzare as it sounds, this podcast series investigates this rumour. Even if you don't belive it I  the podcast is hugely interesting and entertaining.

https://crooked.com/podcast/wind-of-cha … d-michael/


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Bugger - is the real secret that spies aren't very good at their jobs?
A BBC long read

https://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/adamcurtis/ … bea720b460


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The OSS "Bigot"arrow gun


Forgotten Weapons video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_cont … e=emb_logo


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A company of the German Army's fomost special forces unit Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) has been disbanded because of the extreme right-wing atitudes of many members. The unit had six non-support companies (Commando and Recon), so is about 100 men is a lot. 48 000 live rounds and 62 kilos of explosives are gone from KSK storage. One has to worry what nazi sympathisers with those skills and so much amunition and explosives can do  ajb007/amazed

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I first wrote this piece for the SOE thread, but I think it's natural to post it here too:

There were two Norwegian Special Operations Executive units during WWII, the blargest one was Company Linge (Norwegian Independent Company No 1)
This was the Norwegian branch of SOE that did what the organisation "normaly" did. But there was another Norwegian SOE unit:
Norwegian Naval Independent Unit (NNIP), later re-named Royal Norwegian Naval Special Unit (RNNSU).
To Norwegians the are much better know as the "Shetland Gang" or "The Shetland Bus" because their base was on those islands.
Quite a few Norwegians fled accross the North Sea in small motorized fishing vessels to Shetland and Scotland. Many of them were resistance fighters with expert knowledge about the Norwegian coastline and boatmanship. The SOE needed this knowledge to transport agents, weapons and other equipment to Norway and refugees back to the UK. The members of the Shetland Gang did get some agent traning, but they were second to none from the start in the most important skills: To "bus" the fishing boats accross the North Sea and navigating the coastline safely. There was very little extra equipment needed, but the fishing vessels had machine guns hidden in barrels on deck.



The weather was a more dangerous foe than the Germans. Crossings had to be done in the winter or in bad weather to avoid detection. The unit lost ten boats and a total of 44 men and most of them drowned. The boats had no military distinctions and the crew were dressed as fishermen.




In 1943 the Germans had strengthend their control of the Norwegian coast. It was decided that the camouflage of using civilian boats was not a big enough advantage, they needed speed, seaworthyness and firepower. Three submarine chasers were given to the unit. After this no boats were lost.



In total the Shetland Bus made more than 200 missions to occupied Norway. 380 tons of equipment was transported to the resistance and 190 agents were sent into enemy territory by this route. Drops from the air didn't reach this volume until late 1944.

My grandfather had an encounter with one of the Shetland Bus submarine chasers. One night he and the rest of the crew of a fishing boat (much like the ones used by the Shetland gang) were on were going home from a fishing trip. Then they heard a roar from a powerfull engine, but they couldn't see the source. Suddenly the dark shadow of a larger and much faster boat went past just in front of them. The boat had no lights, so my grandfather knew what they had just seen. The next day they heard about a sabotage attack against a factory in the area.

In 1954 a movie was made about the unit titled "Shetlandsgjengen". The title was changed to "Suicide Mission" in for international release. Most of the cast were Shetland Bus veterans, including a captain with 54 missions under his belt.


A scene from "Suicide mission".: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76l4wG4s0Fo
Everyone in this scene play themselves. The skipper is Leif Larsen. "Shetland-Larsen" is the most highly decorated naval officer in WWII. To quote Jeremy Clarkson: " ...in the world." No British naval officer got as many British medals during WWII as he did.


War Cross with two Swords
St. Olav's Medal With Oak Branch
Norwegian War Medal with three stars
Participation (in World War II) Medal
King Haakon VII's 70th anniversary Medal
Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
Distinguished Service Medal and Bar
Distinguished Service Cross
Distinguished Service Order
Participation in the Winter War Medal
Medal of Freedom (US)