Topic: Bond Films in storyline order

Whilst stuck in lockdown I spent some time today listing and refining what I believe to be a storyline order list of all 24 canon Bond films (ie: Connery, Lazenby, Moore, Dalton, Brosnan, Craig) with some key points, explanations below:

Casino Royale
Quantum Of Solace
Tomorrow Never Dies
The World Is Not Enough
Die Another Day
Dr No
Live And Let Die
The Man With The Golden Gun
The Living Daylights
From Russia With Love
You Only Live Twice
Diamond's Are Forever
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
For Your Eyes Only
The Spy Who Loved Me
No Time To Die
Licence To Kill
A View To A Kill

When considering the storyline there are some key points:
- All characters with a full name are considered the same character.
- Q actors Desmond Llewellyn and Ben Whishaw are considered to have played the same character, disregard is given to their age difference.
- R's promotion to Q in Die Another Day (John Cleese) only last's 1 film and the original Q is reinstated to the role in Skyfall.
- Judy Dench's M pre-dates the male M, and all male M's are considered the same character.
- Any visible dates in the films are discounted (for example Bond viewing The Ocean Club security tapes in Casino Royale).
- Moneypenny revealing her last name at the end of Skyfall throws off the timeline, however I've considered her role at MI6 (pre and post Skyfall) went from the front desk to the field, then back.
- In OHMSS, Bond tries to trick Blofeld into believing he is Sir Hilary Bray and fails due to their previous encounters. Considering the cinematic release of FRWL, Thunderball and YOLT all pre-date the release of OHMSS this should have already been explained in the movie but wasn't.
- Tracey dies at the end of OHMSS and is mentioned again in FYEO, TSWLM, and LTK.
- There's a five year gap between Spectre and No Time To Die (for reasons I won't reveal, ie: spoilers)
- Felix Leiter's shark attack in LTK is his last involvement in the series.
- The last third of Moonraker is the most futuristic, hence why I've listed it as the last in the series.

As said, this is my own list based on my own thoughts.
I'm happy to hear your thoughts and read your own lists! ajb007/smile

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