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welshboy78 wrote:

Haha forgot the M

Im not a brozzer hater honest  ajb007/lol

ajb007/lol  ajb007/biggrin

Dalton & Connery rule. Brozz was cool. Craig is too.


Re: Pierce Brosnans' November Man

Just saw this thread now.

I saw The November Man last night on TV for the first time and was surprised at how good Brosnan was in it. It made me wonder why he had been ditched too early from the Bond films.

Going by his performance in the film, he should still have been doing Bond films at that point, even if he was by then 60 years old. Daniel Craig looked older than him in Skyfall.

I think Brosnan might have made this film (he produced it) to show Eon that they had made a mistake ditching him. Any problems with the Bond films during his tenure were the fault of the writers and directors. Brosnan should not have been ditched.

And I say that as someone who thinks Connery was the best Bond.


Re: Pierce Brosnans' November Man

Yeah. They should have kept Brosnan for a fifth one, even a sixth one he was so good and when he aged, he aged well. Part of me wishes that with Craig finished, the Bond producers would bring back Brosnan, Judi Dench, Samantha Bond, Michael Kitchen and John Cleese and do one more, almost Logan style, Brosnan movie with a script he'd deserve before recasting all the regulars again.

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