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Here are 17 suggestions from architects for the roof and central tower of Notre Dame. I would like to see a conservative "re-make".
The church has burned or been rebuildt several times in the past, so after some doubt favour changing it a litttle to reflect the fact that it's a rebuild. A glass roof with a greenhouse under or made of stained glass would be nice, but I would like the center tower to look a lot like the one that was destroyed during the fire. That way the outline of the church won't change.What do you think?

https://www.boredpanda.com/notre-dame-c … gn=organic

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I'm a fan of modern architecture  and would hope they'd go
With a new design  but still keeping as much of the  old as

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I think the tower that was destroyed should once again represent the crown of thorns, for the roof I think stained glass sounds good, I wonder if they could do stained glass solar panels? Never the less I would like some eco features added that are imperceptible and don't ruin the history and architecture of Notre damme

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There were some good eco ideas. The attic of the roof that burned down was called "the forrest" because of all the old wooden beams. Making the area a green house is a good echo of that. At least one architect suggested leaving the attic greenhouse open to the public, this way people can enjoy the trees and plants in the middle of the city and also enjoy the view. The new opera in Oslo has a roof that's buildt for people to walk on to. This is a very popular feauture and also members of the public who don't listen to opera like visiting the roof. Many bees lived on the roof and towers of the Notre Dame. Historically the honey was distruted among he poor. One architect suggested accomodateing the tower for bees and their nests. Since many worry about the population of bees globaly getting smaller, this will be a feature that points back and forward in time. I think my favourite is the first suggestion, but with a greenhouse. It's the same building, but modernized. In some of the other suggestions the roof and tower don't look like they belong to the rest of the church.



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We bought a second home up in the hillside on Cebu recently and Mrs CHB has left it to me to furnish so I’ve been busy getting furniture etc. I’m transferring my man cave from Mactan to the new house as I can have a bigger room for it and I found this yesterday. It’s a magazine that my dad bought me in 1964 and it’s still in almost new condition (I always bag and board paper goods to lessen the ageing effects). It’s called Bond In Focus and has some really good pictures and some basic text. The covers and a few internal pages are below.











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That's brilliant - looks like it's the first three films!

Great colour, back then I thought most of it got printed in black and white...

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Remind you of anyone  ajb007/biggrin


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One strike for both of you comedians  ajb007/mad

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