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Thank you, I will listen to that when I have time from my hectic schedule at the moment, I thought retirement meant relaxation but so much to do and the rainy season is here!

Yeah, well, sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand.


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CoolHandBond wrote:

I thought retirement meant relaxation but so much to do

Ain't that the truth!


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Rocky french 2sh sgd by Stallone & Weathers , absolutely amazing  ajb007/amazed

Finally linen backed after 7 yrs , I went the distance (pun very much intended  ajb007/shifty

*mind blown*

(sgd by Sly at NYCC ' 12 and by Weathers at LFCC......Sly has only done 1 con , he canned Philly con recently)


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Hapkido pak 1sh sgd by Angela Mao (she doesnt speak english at all but nice to meet her)

Note the colors , same as pakistani flagg


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It’s always nice to see pics of pretty girls so this is one of three girls representing Cebu in the Mutya Pilipinas 2019 beauty pageant. Mutya Pilipinas translates to Beauty of the Philippines.


There are literally thousands of beauty pageants here in the Philippines, every city, town or village seems to have one as part of the local festivals which adorn the calendar.

The major pageants are televised to massive audiences. I remember the Miss United Kingdom and Miss World pageants being a huge audience winner for the BBC until the left wingers took over and banned the broadcasting of these events. Over in the Eastern countries they are still hugely popular on TV with huge ratings.

Are beauty pageants still televised in Europe and America?
Do you miss them in those countries where they are banned?

Yeah, well, sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand.


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Last night I watched Tomorrow Never Dies on TV. I must say that I was disappointed by the fight scenes. Bond looked slow to react and overall the scenes seemed lame. When I look at the same in OHMSS and indeed other films I believe this may have something to do with editing?

Also, just for my own information, one small point. In German airports, are English language newspapers available, or was the Tomorrow newspaper just there for the benefit of the audience so they could read the headline?


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Yes, English language newspapers are available in German airports. They're not usually at the top of the display, though.