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who likes maps? who like geologic history? who stares at web-apps wondering how the heck they did that?

here's a GoogleEarth style webmap I found today that shows the position of the continents at various points over the last 750millon years.
Overlaid by the outlines of recognisable modern coastlines (but those break down the further back you go, for obvious reason)
Searchable spatially by location of modern cities, which should float around on top of the prototypic continental plates.
Also searchable temporally by key moments in the evolution of life.

But I'm wondering what happened to the other 4 billion years?


Re: Random Chat!!! (All Welcome!)

Whilst cataloguing my collection, I found this issue of World Of Wonder #2 from 1970 complete with free gift poster and an article on whether the UK should join the then Common Market. Some things never change  ajb007/lol





Yeah, well, sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand.