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TAXI (1998)

Directed from a script by Luc Besson, this tale of an incompetent policeman teaming up with a taxi driver to catch bank robbers in Marseilles initially looks promising. But aside from the admittedly fantastic car chases, this Marion Cotillard vehicle (no pun intended) quickly runs out of steam, as the film tries too hard to be quirky and loses sight of its central characterisation. Essentially a shallow buddy-cop movie, this is worth seeing for the flashy car stunts, if not much else.


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Executive Action 1996
often over looked action/suspense film, Terrorists take over a plane and they
have to be given a smacked bottom.  ajb007/wink

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The Assassination Bureau (1969)

I watched this movie in memory of Dame Diana Rigg. The movie was made in the same year as OHMSS and in adition to Rigg we also see Bond actors Curd Jürgens, Milton Reid and Vernon Dobtcheff in adition to her own Blofeld, Telly Savalas. The story takes place right before WWI and Rigg plays a woman who tries to make it as a journalist by exposing The Assassination Bureau (TAB). The bureau kills key people based on the treath they pose to peace, but lately money has become more important than ethics. The Bureau is lead by Oliver Reed. Rigg is the catalyst  for a situation where the leaders of TAB are trying to kill each other and Rigg is traveling with Reed. The story is based on an unfinished novel by Jack London, but the movie is an adventure-comedy and the novel was more serious.
I found the movie very entertaining with humor, excitement, good locations and fine characters. This is probably the wrong movie to fact-check historically, but St Petersburg wasn't re-named Petrograd until the Great War started. A good film with Diana Rigg in a fun central role.


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The Spy in Black (1939) with Conrad Veidt

Set in the first World War, Conrad plays a U boat Captain who is sent to the Orkney Islands on a mission against the British. A good thriller with some twists and turns.


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John Liu in Mexico 3/6 (more like JL in Tenerife , heh)

Takes place on mex-US border , the baddies want a gold dragon broche , they also burn Lius eyes.......not really exciting and fight scenes are nothing special


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Life is Beautiful.

Happiness, hope and heartbreak.

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I watched two very different movies recently:

1. CHARIOTS OF FIRE (1981). I last watched it in the 1990s so I was due for a revisit.  It's uniformly excellent all around with a compelling (true) story, perfectly cast actors, and the magnificent Vangelis score to tie it all together.  I still think that RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK was best picture for 1981 but I don't have an issue with CoF's victory any longer.

2. NEXT (2007).  This is a Nicolas Cage film about a guy who can see 2 minutes into the future.  Julianne Moore plays an FBI agent who catches on to his ability and tries to recruit him to help find a nuclear weapon which is threatening Los Angeles.  Jessica Biel is the eye candy (and I'm not being a drudge here...her character is so underwritten it's ridiculous).  It's entertaining in spots but it has one of the most infuriating 'cheat' endings that I've ever seen.  Seriously, it's an ending that would make you want to throw your remote control through your TV set.

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Connery said he'd only ever cried once when reading a script and that was Chariots of Fire - but he was unable to do it due to scheduling commitments. Not sure what role he'd have been up for - the trainer, perhaps.


The original with Paul Robeson, Irene Dunn and Allan Jones.

Maybe the best musical ever as it hits you with three great songs in opening 20 mins, including Ol' Man River.

Sadly, there's one scene that involves Dunn 'blacking up' to go on stage that I'd simply never registered before. Oh dear. It's not done maliciously, and it is of the time it's set (1880s I think) but it is done approvingly and it does somewhat sink the movie for a tea-time viewing.
Then again, due to the prominent roles of Robeson and Hattie McDaniel thus features two strong roles for blacks particularly for the time. Plus, the them of the film is resolutely anti-racist. So you sort of have to give it some credit.

The ending is a choker.

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We watched ENOLA HOLMES last night on Netflix. It's pretty good. It lacks any real depth or weight but it's entertaining enough if you just want to watch actors having a lot of fun. Millie Bobbie Brown is charming as can be in the title role and gets to show some actual range vs just crying all the time. She's having a blast and it's rather infectious. Henry Cavill doesn't have a big role as Sherlock but he has tremendous presence whenever he's there, and it really looked like HE was having a good time while putting in (probably ) one week's worth or work. Everyone else is solid as well.

I'd watch more of these.

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Bond rankings: Lazenby>Moore>Connery>Craig>Brosnan>Dalton


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Argo (2012) with Ben Affleck

A thriller set during the American hostage crisis in Iran in 1979. Based on real events, it tells the story of six hostages who managed to escape from the American Embassy and hide out in Tehran. Meanwhile the CIA, worked on a scheme to attempt to get them out of the country. Very tense in places.