Re: Last Book Read...

caractacus potts wrote:

The Honourable SchoolBoy
John leCarre

Sir Hillary Bray wrote:

My all-time favorite writer.  No, not you Potts -- Le Carre!  ajb007/biggrin

Very fair review, although I liked the whole journey a bit more than you did.  Westerby is the classic Le Carre sad sack -- jaded, resentful, but with just enough left in him to care.  I'll be interested in your review of Smiley's People, assuming you intend to read it (or may have already done so).

oh I liked it plenty.
I've read most of his early books over the last little while, and gotten to appreciate the tricks he uses to tell his story in a roundabout way. And that approach probably is more appropriate to a spy story, where so little us actually known by the people who're paid to know whats what.
But I did notice in this one he was really working that roundabout storytelling, and when I got to those two passages when he seemed to be congratulating himself for his own technique I did say out loud "oh get on with it!"

anyway our Fleming books average two hundred pages, so since leCarre does give us two hundred pages of  straightforward adventure in SouthEast Asia at the end, the rest is bonus.

I do have Smiley's People lined up next, in fact everything up to A Perfect Spy is currently sitting on my bookshelf and I will probably keep going after that.