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Ha Ha, I've just got back from the gym.  I'm so going to win!

Or maybe not.....

I think we should have this pageant, just for a laugh.  Who's in?

I am!


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Hi chaps, first post (of many, I hope). A bit late on this one but I only just found the site - could someone (anyone!) please send me the above mentioned workout. I can see 46 looming on the horizon and I desparately need a boost to stave off the effects of gravity. Thanks in advance ajb007/amazed)



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I too also just found this site. Please someone send me the workout. I wantto get into the contest to motivate myself for my upcomng 40th birthday in June.

One year older than DC but I think I can do it !!!



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Thought you guys might fancy a look at this...

http://uk.askmen.com/sports/bodybuildin … s_tip.html



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Hey I got the work out thanks - I am super motivated now - if there is really going to be a contest - I am all in for sure -

I think my gf is taking me to the Bahamas for my 40th birthday in June so how perfect is that going to be !?!?!?


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I've been working out for a long time, played sports in high school, etc, so I've got a lot of experience with the regiment and some of the nutritional habits. Right now, I'm working out with a former offensive lineman from the Giants, and he's given me some pretty good tips. Here are some things I'd like to emphasize, for those who just want to get in shape and get into a good routine that doesn't fatigue you mentally or physically:

1) Don't just keep doing the same routine (set-rep-exercise combinations, emphasis on size vs. strength) on weights. If you keep doing it for a long time, you plateau after a certain point, and it can get really redundant. Change it up every 4-6 weeks or so.

2) On weights, I'd recommend training in circuits. In each circuit, have 2-3 exercises. In one set of the "circuit," do a set of one exercise, then a set of another exercise, then a set of of another exercise if you do three. (I usually just do two exercises in a circuit) If you're doing a strength workout (higher weight, lower reps), do exercises that train different muscle groups, so as to not tire out your muscles and to get maximum strength and explosion. If you're training for size (higher rep, lower weight), I'd recommend "supersetting," which is training a particular muscle group in a circuit. This will maximize the workload on that muscle group, which leads to the production of size.

3) On weights, always do free-weights over machines. The machines may be safer (which is debatable), but it robs you of critical features of free-weights, which is resistance, stability, and body control. Cable machines like the lat pulldown machine, the row machine, and the cable pulleys aren't what I would classify as "machines," because they have the same basic characteristics as free-weights in reps.

4) I do weights 4 days a week and 2 days a week of cardio and abs. On cardio/ab days, do 30 minutes of hard cardio: what I like to do is do 1 minute really hard (where I up the difficultly level on the machine, or up the pace on the treadmill), and then 2 minutes easier. After the cardio, I do abs, and I alternate my routine on days: one day, I'll do an ab machine with weights; another day, I'll do 150 reps of different exercises without weights; and another day, I'll do 3 sets of a pretty intense combination of exercises, and I up the reps as I go along.

5) No matter what day you're doing, always warm up with 5 minutes of easy cardio.

6) Take one day off. This is very important, so that you don't fatigue. My day off varies from week to week, mainly dictated by my school/homework schedule for the week.

7) Take some supplements before and after workouts. Take some type of energy booster before you work out (NO2, creatine, etc.) and take a high protein supplement within an hour after a workout to replenish the lost energy and amino acids. A couple of products that have worked well for me: Fast Twitch (I take this before 30-45 minutes before a workout), NANO X9 (I take this 10-15 minutes before a workout), and Muscle Milk (I swear by this one; take this within an hour after a workout. It's a terrific blend of proteins, vitamins and minerals, and "lean lipids," which are fats that burn very easily and actually aid in muscle production). You can get all of these at GNC. A note on the Fast Twitch and NANO X9: these work very well for low-rep, high-weight strength workouts, but they don't seem to work as well for the high-rep, low-weight size workouts. These products are very good at getting your muscles the materials that are needed for explosion and power, but they don't seem to do a whole lot for the endurance needed in high-rep workouts. The Fast Twitch is better than the NANO X9 for high-reps, but it's still not something I'm satisfied with for them. I have been referred to a new product by my workout partner for the size workouts, and I'll get back to you on my thoughts on it.

8) I don't really follow an exact diet, but rather general guidelines. I like to eat 6 "meals" a day: 3 significant meals, and 3 snacks. It's important to eat this much in order to keep your energy level and metabolism up, so that your body keeps burning more calories. If you don't eat this much, your energy level and metabolism goes down, and your body basically holds on to every calorie it can get. This is something that's pretty much become consensus. After a significant meal, I wait 3 hours before I eat something else; after a snack, I wait 2. The things you want to have mixed up in meals and snacks are lean proteins, fruits, vegatables, legumes complex carbohydrates (whole grains), and "good" fats (which you get in some dairy products, vegetable oils, nuts, and peanut butter). Here's my general eating regiment:

Breakfast: Two eggs you can fix any way (I like omelets with two slices of cheese, but be careful what you cook them in: veggie oil is good, particularly olive oil); a bowl of whole grain cereal (I like Cheerios), a serving of fruit (I eat an Apple for breakfast, typically), and a glass of orange juice.

Lunch: I eat a lean meat (seafood, chicken, and turkey are my preferences), some form of complex carbohydrate (I usually eat pasta or rice; use red sauce instead of white cream sauce on the pasta), a serving of vegetable (I eat a salad or spinach), and a legume (some form of bean, for me).

Dinner: Pretty much same as lunch, except I substitute another serving of vegetable for the complex carbohydrate. Most nutritionists and fitnistas advise against eating complex carbs after 6.

Snacks: I eat a mix of lean protein, vitamins and minerals, and a "good" fat. Some things I like to eat/drink for snacks include a Muscle Milk shake (which has a terrific blend of all of the above), a berry smoothie with some whey protein powder mixed in, or (if I don't have time to mix that stuff) a pint of milk with a serving of berries and a serving of nuts (I like cashews and almonds).

9) Drink a TON of water. The more water you drink, the more efficiently your body works. Most people say about 8 bottles a day (which is essentially equal to 8 glasses a day), which is a good baseline. It's not something you consciously have to keep track of, necessarily: just keep a lot of water around, and whenever you get thirsty or are inactive during the day, drink water. I basically drink water in every setting I'm in during the day and during whatever I'm doing. You should drink an additional bottle of water for each hour you spend outside on a hot day, for each hard exercise workout you do, or for each cup of coffee you drink.

This list has really helped me over the years. Maybe it will help you.

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Some excellent advice there from Klaus.

For those who doubt it, the 6 "meals" a day really does work as it prevents the body going into starvation mode.  Forget fad diets, get ripped by eating more!


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In this week's issue of askmen you can read the workout that led Daniel to that shape and body:

http://www.askmen.com/sports/bodybuildi … s_tip.html

I'll take a look and get some tips on doing the exercises.


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IanT007 wrote:

Some excellent advice there from Klaus.

For those who doubt it, the 6 "meals" a day really does work as it prevents the body going into starvation mode.  Forget fad diets, get ripped by eating more!

Thats actually not correct according to his trainer, that seems to be a "These could get you like that" article, not actually what he did.


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I actually wrote to Simon and he sent me back a custom workout.
I gave him my height , weight and current condition and exercise routine and he added routines to supplement what I am doing to get the size  and strenght I want in 6 weeks in time for my 40th and also our little DC look alike contest.

He also included a diet guide which is also a 5-6 meals a day thing.

Oh its about 45 minutes of weights, pullups and push up 3-4 days a week with the other days sport specific cardio.

I am amatuer sprint distance triathlete so I run, bike or swim those days.

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highhopes wrote:

Sorry guys -- I won't be able to post GQ's workout article after all.
I'm able to scan the GQ piece, but I can't get it hosted anywhere (and they are copyrighted,too). The file is too big, and if I lower the quality and make it smaller, you can't read it. If anyone is really interested, I could e-mail it to them if they  PM me with their address.

Hey there Highhopes, could I trouble you for one more?? ajb007/wink


Many thanks!



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Does anybody have any idea what DC's stats are, i.e. chest/waist/weight?


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With a combination of Simon's Workout, the pics from the GQ article and some of the diet advice posted above -

all I can say is the sh*t is working - not big as DC but I am toned and cut. Some lady bumped her elbow into m stomach and was like " damn ... "

Bring on the powder blue trunks ....!!;)


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Just a note - Monday was my 40th birthday - went to the Bahamas had a few Vespers - hit the beach in the La Perla Trunks ...

I had no less than 10 people comment on them !!!

Mostly like " are those the James Bond Trunks ? " and " wow, I wish I could wear those " or " where did you get them? " -

My gf says that when I did my imitation of the whole coming out of the water scene she almost forgot to take pictures because people were talking about them - now I am super pumped to workout a little harder for our contest and mostly my trip back


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That is great....I will be 40 in January and I am working hard to firm up and get fit.....your story is inspirational.

The Mantis was always The Bond Experience, but now he is The Bond Experience on AJB as well...
Visit youtube.com/TheBondExperience


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40 ain't so bad...now 41 on the other hand.....:))

I'm looking at 42. All I can say is "keep up the work!"



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Walther 00 wrote:

I'm sure details of his exact workout will emerge at some point just like Chritian Bale's in Batman Begins.

Does anyone know where I can find Bale's "Batman" workout? I tried ASKMEN.COM but no dice.


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I know this is extremely late and that I'm only a new member, but would someone please be able to PM me the workout? 

Thanks a million guys.


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Only about a week left until we need to submit our photos for Highhopes contest. If you are 'all-in' now would be a good time to start cutting carbs to get as cut and vascular as possible. But if you've been on the Guiness n' chips diet you might want to fold. I'm more buff than I've ever been. Just got to find some La Perla-esque swimwear in my area/pricerange.


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Right, so how did you guys work this routine then?  How did you do it as circuits?  As in reps? Time? Blah blah blah


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traveljug wrote:

Right, so how did you guys work this routine then?  How did you do it as circuits?  As in reps? Time? Blah blah blah

I did higher reps some weeks then a little more weight and less reps increasingly  I did 2-3 circuts always finishing in 45 minutes non stop - 3 times a week.

I also do spinning, running and pilates on alternate days.

At he end of the month if everyone else really does it, I will post my Casino Royale Swim Trunk picture from my 40th birthday


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But how much time did you spend on each exercise?  Did you do only them 5-6 exercises?


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traveljug wrote:

But how much time did you spend on each exercise?  Did you do only them 5-6 exercises?

no more than 2 minutes for exercise each set. 30 seconds to a  minute rest between


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I work out on a regular basis, and although the dietry advice in the article seems feasible, everyone is an individual. Ie, always check with a qualified instructor doctor or personal trainer before considering any exercise program (I realise I am probably preaching to the choir saying this in here!)

Plus would it not go against most personal trainers to give away their training programme secrets? Especially those that advice actors and others in the medial limelight? ajb007/confused

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could you possibly email me the Daniel Craig workout  from GQ' to cam_mcc89@hotmail.com , thanks