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It seems to be an ad with a few bits of trailer stuff in there, but quite a few new bits too. Enjoy!


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You've got to love M's bedside table! But what happens if she wants to bring a glass of water to bed?


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Great find, em!  I thought it was a Sony advert at first...they should place a disclaimer pointing out that their laptops aren't waterproof  ajb007/lol  If you throw yours into the Venice canals, just send down your scuba diver to retrieve it for you...good as new  ajb007/cheers

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Only a small amount of product placement by Sony then!! ajb007/smile

Some nice new stuff though. Certainly looks like of the best films location wise for a while. I just wish November would hurry up and arrive!


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I really don't like all the clips of what appears to be some kind of 'heart monitor' and an odd office of technological screens with people monitoring something. It simple looks out of place in the otherwise stunning locations of the film.
Also, Bond appears to spend far too much of his time on the laptop.
If I had a pound for every piece of 'Sony' product placement, I'd have more money than Le Chiffre.

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Great find em, lots of new material here. Like watching the clips on the official site, I always get a laugh out of watching Campbell direct. He really gets into it.

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Great find indeed!

Loeffelholz wrote:

I thought it was a Sony advert at first...

I still think it is a Sony ad!  It does seem to concentrate on the more "electrical" equipment surrounding him.

I do like M's bedside table though, I want one! ajb007/biggrin



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I really hope all this product placement for sony doesn't make it on the screen, if it does, maybe the movie shoud be named  "Wireless Casino Royale" or something like that.

but, yeah, it is kinda exciting see new pics... again, you'll see it on november, i have to add 20 days to my wait.

and the bedside table, it is amazing, bit not so amazing to make me share the bed with M (nothing personal)


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Well, Bond movies always have lots of product placement. That's been going on since the 1960s. CR supposedly has far less of it than some of its predecessors.


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Oh, that was very cool. Too bad Apple computers are better.


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Nightshooter wrote:

Oh, that was very cool. Too bad Apple computers are better.

Too bad indeed - nice to see another fan ajb007/biggrin


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My, but isn't Marty Campbell an animated director?  And, once again, I think this is easily the best looking Bond film in ages!

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Hardyboy wrote:

I think this is easily the best looking Bond film in ages!

Gotta agree with you there, HB. The colours positively leap out of the screen - good to see Eon return to Cubby's maxim of "putting it all up there on the screen".


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Hardyboy wrote:

My, but isn't Marty Campbell an animated director?  And, once again, I think this is easily the best looking Bond film in ages!

Very true- those shots of Venice certainly beat a crappy photo of Hong Kong any day! And we haven't even seen any Lake Como yet...
There's a lovely moody close up on Craig too towards the end- great lighting in that scene where he's looking on the laptop.


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i just realice something...
with all the images of laptops, cellulars, al the tecnology...

wasn't this movie supposed to be timeless?

i mean, in ten years this tecnology will be obsolete.

I'm still saying the movie seems good, so good enough that it will worth the wait


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I don't think they were going for timeless.


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Good looking clips -- Campbell surprises me with most of them, as he certainly didn't seem to have the chops -- though some look too reminiscent of earlier Bond films -- the angled swimming shot reminds me of "The World is Not Enough," the cocking of the pistol in the elevator of "Licence to Kill," Craig's appearance as the male version of both "Dr. No" and "Die Another Day," and so forth.  Even the way LeChiffre and the henchman are framed while walking into the scene makes me think of "Licence to Kill" and "Tomorrow Never Dies."   I'd rather the film develop more of its own visual identity, even if the basic elements are things we've seen many times before.


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I really can't cope with the shot at 00:35 - the way the camera doesn't zoom into the laptop screen, it zooms into the 'Vaio' logo! Absolutely shamelss!

But I don't think it looks like he uses the laptop too much, many shots from the same scenes are splattered around. I count these:

-One with a topless Bond
-One in M's room
-A couple on the yacht (Whilst talking to Vesper, and in the 'keep sweating him' scene).

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Lets hope Bond's laptop battery (like many Sony laptops recently) isn't recalled halfway through the mission. It looks like he could be in all sorts of trouble.. ajb007/smile