Topic: Name of this song?

I heard a music of James Bond (air of You live only twice theme with ocean's waves in background) in a parody of James Bond. In the parody, only a short extract is heard.

I would like to know the exact name of this version to get the entire song.

I extracted the audio part of the parody and uploaded it to a server to let you listen and help me find the exact title. You can hear it at this link:
http://www7.spread-it.com/dl.php?id=7f4 … 2cc9ae7cc1

For those who want to see the parody (video), here is the link:
http://www7.spread-it.com/dl.php?id=d65 … b2a978d81f

Thank you very much for your help.



Re: Name of this song?

Man, was I cracking my head on this one. It's in my collection and I can't find it from one hundred similar covers. My head hearts from banging it to the wall. ajb007/tongue

Anyway, this version of the song is the one done by orchestrator Billy Strange. He has actually done two - one with Nancy Sinatra which appeared on the single 45RPMs when the movie came out and one instrumental for his own purposes. This song is the latter one and can be found on a 1984 compilation CD by GNP Crescendo. It's called Billy Strange: Secret Agent File (although it contains arrangements by others as well, including Neil Norman).


Re: Name of this song?


Thank you so much! What a specialist you are.

Have a nice morning, The Cat!