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Wouldn't it be fun if they took all the ex-James Bonds and made a spoof spy movie with them - united - fighting a world evil?


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I don't think so. They already made Austin Powers. That is enough for me. Plus, one could argue that DAD is almost a spoof spy film. ajb007/wink

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Hmm - I can't see it happening.  I think it would lead to a clash of too many big egos.  Besides, I don't see how it would be funny.  Out of all of them, i'd say Roger Moore is the only one who is capable of being an out and out comedy actor.  Bond fans would hate it too.  Most attempts at comedy tend to go down like a lead balloon (try seeing the 1967 Casino Royale)and I am pretty certain that the serious fans would absolutely hate it.  It would probably be compared to the widely loathed 1978 Star Wars holiday special.