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I have been a james bond fan for awhile now.  Finally it occured to me that I could create my own james bond animated short using the skills that I have learned over the years.  I have gotten the information of a lot of people interested in the project.  The whole thing won't be any more than 12 minutes long.  I am not yet sure whether I want to model and texture as realistically as possible, or go for a more toony feel.  I am not yet sure how I want bond to act or look like.  I do not have a plot solidified so any ideas are wlecome.  Please post any ideas that you have. thank you

also we need a bond song and a title to use. Lastly what car do you want him to drive? Please take this seriously as this is a serious project.

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I had the same idea of creating a Bond animation short. I used to create claymation models when i was younger but just started experimenting with computer animation. I made a Bond CG animation called 'Double Cross 007', click on the link below to view it. Unfortunately there's no real story to it as I was only trying out the software and sort of made it up as I went along, although I am working on my follow up which I will be releasing soon. I also provided the voices for the characters, let me know what you think! Patrick.


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That was great fun CT,
lol at the continuous punching in the interrogation sequence.

Had a Connery slant to it then? Wish I could produce any type of animation !!

MPC, doesn't necessary have to be anything new, u can cover a plot or scene already done, but with your interpretation.
U gotta put him in an Aston, no Beemers !


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thats cool
the project we have began will be extremely high polly and detailed. I am not using a game engine or something of the sort but we are modeling and rendering all of it.  It is very large when it comes down to it when you remember that we have to model everything from rocks on the ground, to grass, to shoes laces.

also please answer the questions


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also we all like this music for an opening


what do u think?


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I need opinions on all of the hings in the first posts


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It's a great idea, don't get me wrong. I attempted a similar project myself but was overwhelmed by the amount of work it takes. During my computer engineering course I dabbled with programs such as Maya unlimited and Pro Engineer. Both are outstanding programs in their own right but I wanted instant results, which you just can't get with these. Plus planning is the main key, writing a script should be your first priority. I wrote a bond screenplay a few years ago called 'Beyond Killing Eyes' and was going to animate the entire pre-title sequence. I got about a minute of completed animation or less into it and gave up. It took 4 days to render it! All the best though and seek out those programs if you can. They retail in the thousands of pounds but you can get them through means of questionable legality for a lot lot less.


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I am quit experianced with blender 3d and have access to maya.  I also will be working with multiple people.  They can help me with basic modeling tasks and texturing.


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who should bond and bond girl be modeled after? Should he drive an aston or something else?


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alright sorry the edit button is not working

we have decided to go with a toony style.  The character will still be edgy and it will still be violent however.  We are currently looking for an opening song any ideas? 

The script is basically complete.  I have decided to go with the aston martin AMV8 also.

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