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Imagine you could spend one evening having dinner with James Bond (Relax, he's off-duty, so you would live to tell the tale ajb007/wink); what would you eat, drink and make conversation about?

Myself, I would ask him about his travels, the places he would recommend visiting, and whether he prefers fast, flashy sports cars to riding around in helicopters. (I would also ask him how he maintains such a healthy libido). ajb007/lol ajb007/bond

On the menu:

Garden salad with dressing
Mashed potato and gravy
Lamb chops
Roast chicken (or turkey)
Bolinger champagne (and vodka martini for him, of course) ajb007/biggrin ajb007/cheers
Black Forest cake for dessert ajb007/biggrin

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Re: Dinner with Bond

I'd ask him how it's so easy to "bed" all those ladies, and ask for a few pointers. I'd also ask if I could buy any of the gadgets he doesn't use any more, like one of his Omega Sea Master watches or Rolexes. None of the weapons.

On the menu:

Appetizer: Calamari
Salad: Ceasar
Entree: Roasted Game Hens with Roasted Garlic and Herb Red Potatos. A jumbo Artichoke with garlic mayo for leaf dipping.
Dessert: Apple Pie

To drink: Any good beer on tap. Most likely a Pyrimad Heffiweizen with lemon wedge.

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Re: Dinner with Bond

I'd have a couple of Vespers with him, have a rare old time and then go on the pull with him ajb007/cheers