Topic: The Offical "South" Thread.

Allow this to be the thread for those from the glorious Southeastern United States, or for those wishing to discuss the culture thereof. I'm sure there are a fair number of us southerners on the forum, so let's discuss our experiences of living in the south, from cornbread to BBQ pork to Bible Belt to those zany Republicans.

I'm from Raleigh, NC. Born and raised, and I currently am an undergrad at UNC-Chapel Hill. (GO HEELS!) Raleigh, and The Triangle in general, doesn't really have so much of a traditional southern feel anymore, with the massive growth that's been taking place over the last couple of decades and the massive influx of those dirty Yankees from the north to Cary. ajb007/wink But one need not go far for some real southern style; 100 miles in either direction will net you in a number of rural small towns, and there's lots of access to the famed North Carolina BBQ. The coast is a terrific place to spend time, with terrific beaches from Duck to Hatteras to Emerald Isle to Carolina and Wrightsville Beach. Wilmington is right in the middle of Carolina and Wrightsville, and that's an excellent place to visit, especially downtown. It's a verifiable college town (UNC Wilmington is located there), so it has that signature, and I often go down there to visit my friends from high school who go there.

I love this place with all of my heart. I would like to get out and see the world at some point, since I've lived here all my life, but I know eventually I'll likely settle down here when all is said and done.