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Recently, a Moneypenny short story by Samantha Weiberg (as Kate Westbrook), "Moneypenny's First date with Bond" was published in the November 11th issue of "The Spectator". I am looking for a copy, and am wondering if anyone had one to sell. PM me or email me.

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Re: Moneypenny's First Date with Bond

Not to take away from your first post settingtherules, but I too am looking for this magazing. US bookshops such as Borders that carry several UK magazines don't seem to get this one.

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Re: Moneypenny's First Date with Bond

Remember, the story was not in the magazine itself. It was in a special James Bond supplement that came with the magazine. I have been able to find the magazine here in the U.S., but exported editions come without the supplement, dang-it!

However, I did just win one on eBay.

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