Topic: Signature Requests

Hey Ya'll!

Just thought i'd let you know that I if anyone would  like a graphic signature made for the forums i would be happy to make them for you!

Basically i have alot of free time on my hands so i thought i would give back to the forums, so if anyone isnt familliar with graphics software etc. but would like a graphical forum signature then i will be happy to help if i can.

So if you would like a sig then just reply to this post telling me what you would like. e.g. what images you would like used, what text you require etc.

so just let me know and i will try my hardest to please!

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Re: Signature Requests

well, i'm really interested in that, but there are two problems:

Do you have some website to put them? i mean, i haven't so i could put my signature on it...

the other: could i give you the idea, not the images?


Re: Signature Requests

well i have a photobucket account, so id robably host them on there and post links for people, also yeah i meant i wanted the genreal ideas posted but if there are specific images you would like included then simply post the link.

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