Topic: Next?

CR restarted the franchise by going back to the source material. So what next from the producers: back to original ideas from Wilson/Wade/Purvis, remakes based on the original Fleming novels, or why  were none of John Gardner (I loved his 'Death is Forever')or Raymond Benson's novels (loved is 'Never Dream of Dying')made or characters used? Does Eon have those rights and they're just sitting on them? After the CR gamble paid off I trused Broccoli/Wilson but curious where does it go now that's it's been successfully restarted. Thoughts?


Re: Next?

Regardless of where the ideas come from, I hope they keep hiring decent writers/directors to realize them and to keep them focused.  Makes the world of difference IMO.


Re: Next?

From what I recall, EON has only the rights to use Ian Fleming material, not anything from the other 007 authors.  OF COURSE, they can (and have) make up original stories, too, for the films...

I think it would be an asset to use the other author's works, but Bond is too big and I ASSUME those author's (or their estates) would want lotsomoolah for their works...


Re: Next?

Well, whatever they decide to do next, I hope the producers maintain this new, gritty edge.  CASINO ROYALE was simply brilliant, and the new change in direction was much needed.

This weekend, I sat down to watch the Brosnan films.  While I still enjoy them (with the exception of TWINE and parts of DAD), they struck me as somewhat light-weight after watching Craig's performance.