Topic: Splinter Cell Movie

Does anyone think that this is a good idea?

im not sure if its been talked about before, i think it would meake a good movie if they did it properly, i think if they did michael ironside should play sam fisher (for those who dont know, Michael Ironside supplied the voice for Sam in the game)

Also what are you're views on the Max Payne movie which is apperently in the works, also the Halo movie?

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Re: Splinter Cell Movie

As a longtime fan of the Splinter Cell games I'd enjoy seeing a movie as well. Casting Sam Fisher may be a problem though. Michael Ironside's distinctive voice from the games creates a strong association but he really doesn't look anything like the character. He's also way too big to go all stealthy and is probably too old at this point to play the lead anyway. Maybe they could hire an unknown and have Ironside dub the voice, although I don't know if something like that would fly in Hollywood these days.

I've always viewed Max Payne as a poor man's Punisher. Take a look at the recent movie with Thomas Jane, it's basically the first Max Payne game, right down to the family being killed. Neither character ever really took off and I don't see Payne gaining mass market appeal either.

The Halo movie has been put on hold indefinitely. The studios that were financing it backed out (ostensibly because they had little faith in the first time director Peter Jackson had selected). When Jackson and Microsoft could not find another studio they put it on the backburner. I wouldn't expect to hear anything more about this movie until the Halo 3 game debuts. If it sells well (and it will) Microsoft may try to use that as leverage to jumpstart the movie again. Personally, I'd like to see an all CGI Halo movie along the lines of Final Fantasy: Spirits Within. Going all CGI would suit the Halo IP well given the otherworldly locations, aliens, and faceless hero at the center of it all.

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Re: Splinter Cell Movie

Oh, come on, guys. The only actor worthy to play Sam is George Clooney. Do you know why? Because everyone said that Sam Fisher looked exactly like Clooney. He wouldn't like to get voiced over by Ironside though.