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What is lacking with this treatment is any kind of personal angle, and while the Bond takes it personally thing has been overdone, I can't see how this story is anything new, despite the tarted up locations. Basically it's the old hardware got hijacked or nicked, Bond tracks it down ruse. Sounds more like another Kevin McClory treatment for a Warhead remake, and we don't have a villain mentioned do we?

Having seen Brosnan in the late 80s Fourth Protocol I had a pang of nostalgia for a good old traditional Bond film with him in it around that time, but that never really came about, not even when he took up the role.

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Re: A Fictional 3rd Dalton film in 1991

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Hello everyone
Can anyone transcribe everything that is said about "Bond 17" in the books "The Making of the Living Daylights" and "The James Bond Archives"?

Look up Bond 17 on MI6 HQ. Pretty good summary.

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I hope someday we can read the script that William Davies and William Osborne wrote in January 1991