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I am wondering what Bond pulled out of the manila envelope he got before entering the elevator at the Hotel Splended in Montenegro? I thought originally it was the keys to the Aston Martin but after seeing it a few times, it looked rather big for a car key.

Any ideas?


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The bag contained the car keys, remote, plus letters from "M".

The envelope also doubles as a clandestine Walther holster - which won't spoil the lines of a finely tailored Italian tuxedo!


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Not car keys. It's a sapphire crystal block called the Emotional Control Unit, which acts as ignition key and a start button. Damn I want one of those for my car!!!!


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You're right cmdr_bong! I watched the scene yesterday, no keys .... just that sapphire block thing. I guess the Aston Martin is too sophisticated for a keylock!


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Ok .... there u go, a ECM

http://www.automobilemag.com/reviews/dr … to_13.html


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spot on....this saphire crystal unit is supposed to control the whole car...lights, doors alarm etc....

in fact, the way you start the car is by placing the ECm into the dashboard slot, and then pressing it like the normal Aston starter button..

centre top on this pic...

http://www.automobilemag.com/reviews/dr … to_07.html


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That is so sweeeet .... I am getting "emotional' just thinking about it. ajb007/heart