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Most stage directors make an appearance on opening night and then are off to another project...unless there is a compelling reason to attend multiple performances.


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The Rose Theatre is in Kingston, so not too far from my house - despite having about 10 of Judi's autographs, I've only met her once so might give this a go.

Good question about Directors - I genuinly don't know but it would be a good chance to get his. Whilst Mendes is a fabulous director, if he directs Bond 23, he status will surely rocket updawards?


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Malcolm Sinclair (2nd kill) in Casino Royale in "The Power of Yes" at the Lyttelton theatre, London. Currently playing and on until 18th April 2010.
He's also touring in "The Habit of Art" Sep - Nov 2010

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PaulWeston wrote:

Do directors turn up for the actual performances or do they just direct before the play is released?

Thanks for the info there Paul - might give Dench a try for the....ooh.......100th time!! She always signs TTM, in other words, she's great to her fans! I've written countless times to her.

I'm not sure if the directors actually turn up for every performance. But I would have thought they would given the fact that anything could happen i.e. a cast member is unwell and they need an immediate stand in/replacement. Therefore, that additional cast member is gonna need some direction!!!


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Usually the Stage Manager handles any understudy-illness-tragedy that happens for a performance.  In my experience Directors move on after preview performances/opening night.  I too(as a set and lighting designer) make opening night, but leave it to the SM and crew after that.


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Result. Just got Gemma Arterton's autograph and a photo with her on Saturday.  She was sooo pleasant (and gorgeous!). She made sure she signed everyone in the big crowd that gathered and happily chatted as she went along.
She then got mobbed by 3 photographers walking away from the theatre.
Had to wait until after the performance as she turned up late for matinee and apologised but refused to sign on the way in. This meant many hours of hanging around - worth it though.
Was lucky, as she hasn't been coming out to sign for a few nights, as she hasn't been feeling well. Fellow collectors were keeping their fingers crossed on Sat that she would show and that she wouldn't get put off by the paps again.


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Great result - gonna post the piccie?

I was just around the corner on Friday afternoon but couldn't get away from a meeting.  I'll leave it a few weeks to calm down about (the play only opened last week) and then try.


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Daily Mail reports that a revival of David Hirson's comedy drama La Bete, starring Joanna Lumley is expected in the West End later this year


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John Bowe ( THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS ) will be joining the cast of Priscilla, at the Palace theatre, London from 8th March.


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An update on Joanna Lumley is that she will be at the Comedy Theatre in London from 7th July  until 28th August.


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A chance to see Christopher Lee on stage (and maybe back stage) at the Fan Festival held in the Debating Chamber at the London Film Museum, County Hall, London sometime between 24th and 25th April 2010.



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Superb tip off, can not wait.


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Just want to make it clear that Sir Christopher will not be signing any autographs at all before or after his interview.

www.bondstars.com - The stars' official online autograph store
www.allstarautographs.co.uk - Autographs, Private Signings & Events
www.honorblackman.co.uk - Official Honor Blackman website


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bondstarscom wrote:

Just want to make it clear that Sir Christopher will not be signing any autographs at all before or after his interview.

I kinda thought that he wouldn't be signing, just think he would be swamped (obviously) if he were to sign! ajb007/lol

Nevertheless, thanks for letting us know and clearing that one up! ajb007/martini


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Have just come back from meeting the posh Rosamund Pike at the Royal theatre in Nottingham. She's there for another day. Had my photo with her and got an autograph too even though I admitted to her I hadn't just seen the show when she asked.
Will post ASAP.


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Toby Stephens will be appearing in 'The Real Thing' from next month.

This coincides brilliantly with FanFest which is on round about the same time.

Will try and nip down and see if I can get Stephens at the theatre.


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Thomas Wheatley is appearing in 'The History Boys' which is currently touring.

http://www.thestage.co.uk/listings/prod … story-boys

Nina Young is appearing in 'Wife After Death.'

http://www.thestage.co.uk/listings/prod … fter-death


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Fantastic spots Jamie, especially Nina Young. Will definately be making the effort for her. I already have Thomas but I wasn't happy with it...chance to get another!


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Cheers Paul - I've already got tons of Wheatley signatures and met him several times (always a nice genuine and friendly guy, has time to talk to everyone for a while.)

I'll be heading out to meet him again tomorrow, armed with some photos from The Living Daylights!

Will try to get Miss Young when she's about, I've no idea what her signing habits are like IP - only one way to find out I suppose!!


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My very thoughtful German friend managed to get me a Karin Dor dedicated autograph. He got this in person at the theatre stage door. There are more dates but alas only in Germany.
Will post a pic as soon as I get it.


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THE HABIT OF ART returns on 14 July 2010 with a new cast including Malcolm Sinclair.
This is also going on tour and will be in Birmingham 28th Sep-2 Oct and Nottingham 2-6 Nov.

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Toby Stephens will be appearing in 'Dantons Death' from July.

http://www.londontheatre.co.uk/cgi-bin/ … 1=10000472


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Britt Ekland will be doing her one-woman show 'An audience with Britt Ekland' starting from next month. I went to this show in the summer of 2008 and it was really good, very informative of her life and career.

http://www.boroughtheatreabergavenny.co … hp?eid=531

http://www.list.co.uk/event/20032472-an … land-talk/


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Grace Jones in concert 16th - 18th July Victoria Park, London. Depending on her mood and your persistence. either way, a difficult back stage autograph.  But maybe, just maybe...this time! (German friend managed to get me hers, so it is possible!)


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I tried to get Grace Jones in January 2009 but she wasn't for signing - bummer!

It would take a lot of courage to approach her I think, as I get the impression she is a man eater and generally a scary person (i.e. the Russell Harty incident!!)

I ended up buying her autograph.