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This song really suits Bond...

The name's Bond_James_Bond


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Well, strictly speaking, the song doesn't "move" with the titles (and it's odd seeing the bit about the song being performed by Jack White with Alicia Keys!), but this is clever and I agree that there's a Bondian sound to the song.  I was hoping Duffy would've gotten the gig, but, well, maybe next time. . .

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I like it -- rather Bondian without being cliche . .. she also has a cute, 1960s-style voice that can actually hold a note.  I'd have no problem at all with her singing something like this song for Bond.


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Personally I think her voice is really annoying! It's like nails on a chalkboard to me.



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To each their own -- I grew up listening to dad's oldies, like Petula Clark, the Shangri-las, Lulu, the Chiffons, etc., and Duffy definitely has that thing going on.  I find it a more pleasant sound than the blase droning of many contemporary pop stars, the "hit every note on the scale five times" of gospel-esque singers whose performance is more about power than beauty, and the embarrassing warbling of performers known more for their look than their talent.  She's not a stunning singer, but her voice is fun and the song has a good hook.


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Just tried to watch this but sony pictures has jumped on it and  got youtube to withdraw it. Just goes to show that copyright is something to be aware of.


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I think Duffy could do the next James Bond Theme. She has the right voice for that ajb007/smile
When I close my eyes and imagine the animations in the beginning of James Bond then I know it would perfectly fit in ajb007/smile


here´s a version of what I am thinking:

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