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Owen could take over for just two pics if Craig ditches after the next one (unlikely however). I mean, he's so well known it shouldn't be a problem, a good holding operation. Better than kicking off with a younger Bond who is never going to cut it.

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Clive owen would bore everyone to death,the timber of his voice never changes,rember the bourne film,in the field just got shot or somthin and was dead pan and dead boring then just dead from the neck up.
So I hope he never gets near a bond set.Thats my tuppence worth!

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zig zag wrote:

Clive owen would bore everyone to death,the timber of his voice never changes,

Wooden in every sense of the word for you then, zig zag ? ajb007/lol

I disagree, I thought Owen would have been a great choice for Bond, but I'm even happier that Eon went with DC ajb007/martini


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Very simply no. I like Clive Owen, just not as a Bond, ever, period. Shoot'Em Up yes thats fine, as Bond, never.


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He'll probably be hovering around 50 by the time Craig quits.


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I just watched "Duplicity" last night on Blu-ray.  Did anyone notice they filmed at the One And Only Ocean Club?  One of the first shots of the film (doubling for Dubai) was by the pool that Bond walks by on his way to play Poker in "CR."  And they also shot in what looks like the exact same "ocean-view villa" that Bond occupies.  Hmmm.

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