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Doris Day is now gone.  She lived to be 97.  Que sera, sera. . .

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She was great in Calamity Jane, that was my fave.

Move Over Darling is a great song, too.

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Rest in peace, Doris Day  ajb007/smile


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A scene from On Moonlight Bay One of my favourite films. I have fond memories of watching this with my late nana. Doris Day will always live on through her films. RIP


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Oscar Levant : " I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin "
RIP  Doris Day

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Couple of US television icons have passed in the last few days...

Peggy Lipton, one-time model who rose to fame on The Mod Squad in the late '60s.  She married Quincy Jones (Rashida is her daughter) and worked sparingly until her career was revived in the original Twin Peaks.  Just 72.

Tim Conway, best known as a mainstay of The Carol Burnett Show, where his antics during comedy sketches often led to his collaborators breaking character because they were laughing so hard.  85 years old.


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Conway is a big one.  He was consistently the funniest sketch actor on the Carol Burnett Show, and that's really saying something.  He was funny when playing the sketch as written, but the real magic would come when he would try and make his coworkers break.  Harvey Korman was his usual target, but he could get anyone to break.  Do a youtube search for 'Tim Conway Dentist' or 'Tim Conway Elephant' and you'll see him at his best.

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