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Buck Henry 1930-2020
cocreator and story editor of Get Smart
writer of the Graduate and the film adaptation of Catch-22
and the most frequent host of the original version of Saturday Night Live

It was because of his SNL work I knew of Henry, he made cameos just as often even when he wasn't  the host, I think Lorne Michaels regarded him as a mentor.

But its his role in Get Smart all us spy fans should care about.


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He was also great in The Man Who Fell to Earth as Bowie’s ill fated patent lawyer, RIP.

Japanese proverb say, "Bird never make nest in bare tree".


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Neil Peart, drummer for Rush, age 67.  Brain cancer.

Rush was (and still is) the soundtrack for my life.  I'm absolutely crushed over this.

Current rankings:
Bond rankings: Lazenby>Moore>Connery>Craig>Dalton>Brosnan


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35 yrs ago : Yul Brunner , Matt Munro , Pat Barr died

Also last yr 30 yrs passing of Lee Van Cleef


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Eleven years ago yesterday, Patrick McGoohan died - the man who could have been Bond.  ajb007/martini

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Derek Fowlds of Yes Minister and Basil Brush fame has died, aged 82. Basil is devastated I understand, RIP.

Japanese proverb say, "Bird never make nest in bare tree".


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RIP Derek Fowlds, Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister are classic comedies or
Behind the scenes documentaries, hard to tell at times.

“I didn’t lose a friend, I just realised I never had one.”