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Gracio007 wrote:

Hello All

Im João (John) from Portugal, I wish have a good time here in this forum.
Best Regards!

Welcome aboard João! ajb007/cheers

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Welcome to AJB!  ajb007/smile


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Hello Bondfans! I thought I’d join up and get involved in a bit of Bond-related chat! I’ve been a lifelong fan of James Bond since a little kid in the 70s getting all excited at Xmas and Easter for a Bond film to appear on ITV.   ajb007/bond

I’m not an expert in any way, more of a keen amateur, so I’m hoping the residents won’t mind if most of my contributions are asking inane questions that any serious Bond fan should already know the answer to.

I’ve been on quite a few forums in my time, and I’m hoping this is a friendly, welcoming forum who is willing to put up with dumb newbie comments, rather than using me for a spot of target practice in Lazar’s Workshop!  ajb007/tongue (I’m a Roger Moore fan, but I don’t tell my friends!)

I have a soft spot for Moonraker, but I hope that’s not against the forum rules! Bye for now!

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Hi AndrewBond, welcome to AJB007. We hope you enjoy yourself here.  ajb007/smile

I'd like to ask that before you post a question, please use the Search function to check if it has been asked previously.


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Welcome AndrewBond. Most excellent first name there makes you awesome by default - trust me I know from experience. Don't worry about posting noob comments, as Moneypenny would say, "It's all part of the learning curve". As long as you can distinguish 'James Bond' from '007' you'll be just fine ajb007/biggrin

Hope you enjoy your stay here. Did you celebrate the recent anniversary of Moonraker?

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Welcome AndrewBond   ajb007/martini  a Roger Moore Bond fan ?, so obviously a man of
Good taste   ajb007/biggrin  Before joining AJB007 I too looked at several other forums.
AJB is by far the most easy going and friendly.
A kid of the 70's  with Bond at Christmas etc, You sound a lot like me.  ajb007/lol
Moonraker is also a guilty pleasure for Me, ( I love the book as well ) it is an
Epic, needs a big screen to appreciate the wonderful cinematography and
exotic locations.

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