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I just had the good fortune and pleasure of attending the 3-day Cubby Broccoli/Bond symposium at the University of Southern California, which included panels with Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson and showings of a number of the films.  MGM/Sony provided pristine prints which were amazing!  The one for Casino Royale, in particular, was spectacular.  Watching Casino again on a big screen, I was reminded of what a great film it is, with the action scenes being (for me) perfectly filmed and edited.  While I know all won't agree with this, I for one would have absolutely no problem with Martin Campbell and the same team in charge of Bond 23. ajb007/martini

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I can agree with that.  I thought the action scenes in Casino Royale were much easier to follow the first time around than in Quantum of Solace.  I wish I could have seen the movies on the big screen.

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Totally agree shaken, i started a thread a while back saying martin campbell should be brought back at whatever cost, his two bond movies (casino & goldeneye) are in my top 5 bond movies and both great films even according to people who arent bond fans. for mem campbell is a must for 23.. one of the few directors who have got the bond 'feel' spot on


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I don't think that Campbell is a director who should be invited back in any situation; his first Zorro film was vastly superior to its sequel, and I much preferred GE to CR. That said, I do think the action scenes and editing in CR was vastly superior to that in QOS. If Campbell does come back, there are two conditions which I think need to be attacked; better writers have to be hired (i.e. no Paul Haggis), and he has to get rid of that terrible psychoanalysis which he's obsessed with. ajb007/insane

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In theory, Campbell must be asked back. His GE and CR are the only Bonds in something like the last 20 years to be 8.0 on imdb, nothing else comes close, not even in the 7s.

In practice, I don't like him personally. I think he's overrated in a way. He is great at action, but his stuff usually involved civilian damage as a matter of course. I have to query to what extent his cinematographer deserves credit for his two Bond films, and whether the second-unit guy Stuart Baird (if memory serves) who did Executive Decision all by himself should also get praise. Perhaps I'd take these two guys before I'd take Campbell back.

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As far as I heard, Campbell wasn't remotely interested in doing QoS. Why would he change his mind about the next Bond film ? Perhaps he'd be interested if a new Bond is introduced, hopefully long from now.