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This is probably just a rumour, however I found this interesting. Personally, while I think she has a beautiful voice (I loved her rendition of 'I Dreamed a Dream') however I'm not convinced that she would be appropiate for Bond.

Susan Boyle tipped to sing theme song for next James Bond film

SUSAN BOYLE has been tipped to sing the theme song for the next Bond film.

Official James Bond fan clubs have launched internet campaigns to get Susan on the soundtrack of the 23rd film, due out in 2011.

And chart-topping Susan is the choice of Monty Norman, who wrote the classic Bond theme music as well as the Dr No soundtrack in 1962.

He said 007 bosses were likely to be considering the former karaoke singer from Blackburn, West Lothian.

Norman said: "She's got the right kind of sweeping voice. I think Susan Boyle is great."

Lee Pfeiffer, co-author of the best-selling book The Essential James Bond, added: "Bringing in Susan Boyle would be a great idea."

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Susan Boyle+Bond theme song=Fail


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I say: If she can hit the notes and deliver, give her a shot.  But we won't need a to see her in the titles as with Sheena Easton  ajb007/amazed

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You read my mind on the "Sheena", but that hasn't been done in some time.... I think old Monty is right, she'd be GREAT.... given of course that the Bond 23 theme isn't anything like the theme for Bond 22!


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OK, please try to use the existing threads on title song and singer.