Re: Quantum Of Solace=Casino Royale 2?

"Bond himself is out of character -  a rebellious, cold  killing machine,"

I don't see this much at all. M and other authorities in the film seem to think this, but we as the audience know more than they do. Mi6 seem to think Omg he's all pissed and killing people for revenge. When really Bond is doing what it takes to succeed. Like he says at the end he's just doing his job. Looking for info from people that end up dead. Following where that takes him and so on. All while gathering Greene/Quantum info along the way.

This behavior from Bond was already established in Casino Royale. Bond would see the mission through with or without the direct help or blessing from M or Mi6. People die around Bond all the time. I don't see him being out of character much at all. Bond has always been a rebel with a cause.

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Re: Quantum Of Solace=Casino Royale 2?

I knew it was direct continuation, I hadn't thought of it like the Harry Potter finale before. Those movies were stated by the director as one movie edited into two parts. If you were to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 by itself, it would seem rather low like it was taking you on a ride but one you didn't remember getting on and ready for. But if you have clear memory and know that it is the rest of the footage to finish the first part, then the Harry Potter finale is satisfying and emotional because Part1 gave the character development and emotion that you know it took to get to Part 2. Thinking of it like that, Quantum of Solace is even better to me. I liked it already, but now as the vengeful angry close of Casino Royale, it makes it more satisfying. It isn't the same thing as Casino Royale, but it relies on it to be its first and more developed half. Thus, two good films, but one incredible backstory in Casino Royale.

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