Topic: "Casino Royale" PS3 Game

I loved the 2006 Casino Royale Bond flick and was bummed that Quantum of Solace got a game while CR didn't.

  Well after cruising threw some game reviews looking for a new PS3 game I came across an interesting article. Apparently The Quantum of Solace game started out as the Casino Royale game however it wasn't completed in time. In fact most of the game levels are from Casino Royale, especially the Madagascar scene! http://collider.com/uploads/imageGaller … n_leap.jpg
I bought the game for 9.99 used at Gamestop but the cover was trashed. So I thought hey why not make my own cover, a cover that I want!

So for you all to enjoy here is the "Casino Royale" PS3 replacement cover
(I have the psd file upon request)


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