Re: Ian Fleming Bibliography by Jon Gilbert

I recently received the updated version.  I really enjoyed the original, so I wanted the update.  They are beautiful books and worth every cent- highly recommended.

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Re: Ian Fleming Bibliography by Jon Gilbert

Is the updated version much different from the original? I don't have the funds to double-dip. But I'm very curious if the sections on Fleming's journalism, reviews, and interviews have been augmented.


Re: Ian Fleming Bibliography by Jon Gilbert

I need to get this at some point. I too would be interested in the details of the updates.  ajb007/smile

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Re: Ian Fleming Bibliography by Jon Gilbert

Just bought a copy yesterday.
Amazing book. Makes me want to own every variant paperback version.
Just because....


Re: Ian Fleming Bibliography by Jon Gilbert

I have been busy, buying paperback editions that I didn't even know existed before owning the bibliography. But, that is a good thing. Right?

I now have two additional shelves of paperback editions, working backwards from the most recent editions all the way back to the white model cover Pan version, which I remember seeing in the past. I am going to acquire selected Pan versions, since to own them all would involve buying around 300 paperbacks. I'll probably focus on the first impressions of each reset version of the Pans according to the bibliography. That cuts down the volume of books.

I presently have them arranged by title and chronologically by issue. They look so beautiful on the shelf.

I had forgotten how lovely the "still life" Pan covers are. I remember when they appeared back in the 70s. They're just so interesting with the various story related objects on both sides of the cover. Also the Centenary covers by Michael Gillette are gorgeous.

All in all, the bibliography has been a pleasure to read and use.