Topic: Spoilsport moderator r.e Bond 24

Why was the recent Bond 24 (hopes,fears etc) thread closed down? It was a fun and lively discussion. Until a Bond 24 section is created surely there can be different bond 24 threads. Why not? Should ALL the Skyfall subject matters be in one super long thread, for example? It's a bit mean, really. Why not let people have fun discussing/getting excited about future Bond?


Re: Spoilsport moderator r.e Bond 24

As Sir Miles said, we already have a thread for discussion of Bond 24. I agree that it was an interesting discussion, though. Until SiCo sets up a Bond 24 forum we're limited in what can be done.


Re: Spoilsport moderator r.e Bond 24

I'm sorry if you feel I spoiled your fun...but there are already two threads open discussing Bond24...it should be easy enough to have your discussion in one of those.
As Barbel stated, we are limited until Si decides to return....I'm happy for you - or anybody - to PM on issues such as this...then we can discuss them there.


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