Re: Was Silva a wasted oppurtunity

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I've only just watched Skyfall. And I feel sorry for Silva, really.

Remember M said orphans make the best agents? Silva was probably an orphan too, wasn't he? And he really did see M as his 'mother'. Which I think, is why he wanted her to say his name - a sign of ownership or adoption. It must have broke his heart, when she refused. And that she has already written him off as dead (name engraved on the memorial wall).

In the end, he wanted to die along with her too.

Sigh... Sad sad sad...

Yeah but upon being captured by the enemy in that line of work, your government will deny your existence. The operatives know this when they join. Bond does it in DAD. He was tortured in many ways and still never gave up anything.

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Re: Was Silva a wasted oppurtunity

Scottmu65 is quite a visionary.  After having seen Spectre, I thought Silva's character would have made a better Blofeld.

Silva is intimidating, terrifying and uses the extent of his power to make people suffer and get what he wants.

And Silva actually had a more convincing reason to hate MI6 and become a terrorist.  His life was actually ruined by M.


Re: Was Silva a wasted oppurtunity

Spectre is only setting the character up, who knows what dark places he'll
Go to as he developes ?  ajb007/wink

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