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Hey guys just found this on youtube.  Someone made a movie of Blood Stone using the game cut scenes and game play.


This is funny cause as I said here before I actually really liked this game.  The main reason is for me, this game felt the most like a James Bond film.   In fact they had to write a new story for this game because Skyfall was delayed due to MCM cash flow issues.  Also this game had a great Bond-like soundtrack.

Although people are right to complain about the sub-par graphics for the people models, the scenery and cars are actually very well done.  I also understand another thing that contributed to the lack of success was the fact that the game was not very challenging or long.  All that aside Blood Stone is actually my favorite Bond game of the last 4 (Quantum, Blood Stone, Golden Eye and Legends).  I like how it was NOT a 1st person shooter, incorporated car chases and was very cinematic.  Although I agree with some of the criticism I am sadden that it's lack of success will mean more cookie cutter 1st person shooter COD clones. Blood Stone was trying to be different and if Activision could only continue down this path I think they could have another ground breaking Bond game that was unique.  Too many FPS, too damn many.

I digress.  I haven't watch the entire film (it's a full 2 hours) but just think it's great that some made this game into a fan flick.  Check it out and let me know what you think.


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That game got pretty slated but I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!!!!

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The story of Blood Stone could easily be the base for a movie, as the story was written by Bruce Feirstein.


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Best Bond game in recent memory - the car chases FELT like I was an elite assassin chasing a target!
Shame there was a smartphone to tell you where everyone was and which hand they were scratching their ass with.

Make another like this!!!

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