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I'm going to meet Daniel Craigs stunt double in a few days.
Maybe some of you have some questions for him about Bond 24? I'll try to squeeze some answers out of him, but I don't promise anything.




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What a great opportunity ! I would love to know how much input Daniel has in the fisticuff design department. I think we know that he is very involved in the execution. Also what kind of specific martial arts training if any takes place. Oh and one last thing, can you take a tape measure as I think 5ft 10 is 'optimistic'  ajb007/smile


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Ooh, keep a pad handy, and Thanks for this Goldmember! - I haven't asked anything about Bond 24, because I know he won't be allowed to say.

  The Q's for Mr Cooke....

1) Which forms of exercise do you find provide the best results? Do you have a % break between weights, cardio and martial arts for example?

2) Are there any types of stunt you specialise in or especially enjoy doing?

3) Do you have a favorite memorable stunt,  - either from Bond or something else?

4)  Many people into exercise and agility  have a diet weakeness. (Mine is chocolate.) Do you have one and how do you keep it in check?

5) How much prep and pre-planning is required for the stunts you do? How do you design and co-ordinate the fight sequences?

6)  Outside of work are there any sports you particularly enjoy?

7) Which techniques do you use and or recommend to build focus and concentration for working out?

8) I once read that the only thing you were nervous about on CR-06, was doubling Mr Craig in the torture scene because
     of the lack of wardrobe! - Is that true?

   Thank you for taking time to answer these, and providing inspiration as well as entertainment with your energetic and hair raising work!

This is Thunderbird 2, how can I be of assistance?


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Thanks so far!
Maybe it is useful for me to say it is not an interview. Me meeting him has nothing to do with his work.
I will of course ask him some questions but I don't think I can ask them all.
Do my best!



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- Who is the actor/actress you have worked with who has the most talent for stuntwork?

- What are DC's strenghts/weakneses in stunts/physical acting?

- Do you work a lot with the actors or writers in teh development and planning of stunts, or is it always with directors and producers?

- Is there a stunt you dream of doing, but haven't had the chance to do yet?

- Do you sometimes read/hear about actors who claim to love stunts and do a lot of tehm, but you know this is false?

- Do you find the Bond producers put more weight on real stunts as opposed to CGI than other action film makers?


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- How exhilarating was it doing the fight on the crane in CR?