Topic: [SPOILERS] Does anyone else feel like it copies Batman?

It feels like, to me, that the writers saw that The Dark Knight was a massive success (much more than QoS), and like many films out there, they wanted to take a piece of it. 

Raoul Silva is a crazy nut, like Ledger's Joker.  He lets himself get caught so he can sneak out of jail, like the Joker.  And like Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs, he disguises himself as a cop to get away.  Plus, there is the whole metaphor about Silva and Bond being two rats in a cage.  In TDK, the Joker asserts that Batman and himself are similar due to them both being on the opposite side of the coin but still being seen as freaks.  The film wanted to make a connection between Silva and Bond but it was hard to find one. 

And then there's Bond's fall from the sky and his redemption, which perhaps was parallel to the internal demons Batman faced, but shortly after the skyfall, Bond regained his senses and this pivotal scene was never mentioned or alluded to again.  TDK had lots of metaphors and symbolisms but they were relevant.  Skyfall seems to just adorn itself with them because thats what people wanted in an action movie. 

Bond has always been open to adopting new trends, but Skyfall perhaps may have crossed that line a wee bit.  I appreciated movies like Goldfinger because they were totally unlike anything else out there.  I'll take Skyfall over most movies, but it still seems to be in the shadow of the movie it tried to hard to be like.

Your thoughts?  (I'm willing to be corrected and proven wrong by people more knowledgeable than I)


Re: [SPOILERS] Does anyone else feel like it copies Batman?

There has been a lot said about that very subject- try typing "Skyfall Dark Knight" into the Search dunction and have fun sifting through the threads!  ajb007/smile
I'll close this one for that reason.