Re: Pros and Cons: Goldeneye

Pros: ALL.
Cons: NONE.


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Re: Pros and Cons: Goldeneye

Lousy soundtrack imo , only decent music is Bond vs Sean Bean


Re: Pros and Cons: Goldeneye

People hate the soundtrack. But its iconic to me. Maybe because I grew up with it. There us just something about it thsy just brings back the memories.


Re: Pros and Cons: Goldeneye

Alright, so I'm back in Bondness.

Re-watched this film and an 8/10 this time around.

Sean Bean's performance was my biggest issue, just lacks punch for me.

I may have been too hard on Campbell in the past, accusing him of having a soulless style or something like that.  This is a damn good movie as far as I'm concerned, just not one I'm as crazy about as I used to be.

I also give Pierce a B+ for his performance here.  Not quite great, but quite good.

I think my issue with GE (in summary) is that it lacks in terms of high notes, there's not enough in it that has a wow factor for me, but I think it's a damn good film.

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Re: Pros and Cons: Goldeneye

Love this movie, Brosnan opens his account in a really positive, strong manner and he continued to get stronger in his following Bond Movies - 007 out of 10 for effort.

One small minor con in all this was the disappointing use of the BMW Z3 Roadster - When you see it in Q Branch you think, great we’re going to have a strong car chase scene, oh dear, then nothing before it appears only to be whipped off by Jack Wade (or was that Brad Whittaker’s twin?) in exchange for a Cessna.


Re: Pros and Cons: Goldeneye

The score didn't bother me per se on my last viewing, but I'd say it's not one of the stronger ones.  It does the job I suppose.

"Hostile takeovers.  Shall we?"
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Re: Pros and Cons: Goldeneye

- Bond is back, finally.
- Brosnan brought his own following of fans from Remington Steele, bringing a whole new demographic to the theatre to watch a Bondfilm (i.e. womenfolk)
- Fans were showing off all their cool spy moves outside the theatre when I first saw the film, in the spirit of the lightsabre duels outside  Star Wars movies. This was the most excited I ever saw civilians about a BondFilm since the Spy Who Loved Me, or anytime since.

- Title references Fleming. Sounds like a BondTitle for those who don't know its source, and has extra authentic meaning for those who do.
- The beach house Bond and Natalya inexplicably stop over at while searching for the satellite dish looks like Fleming's house! Subtle, but present.

- No Fleming content per se, except for brief mention of Bond's parents' death and his orphan status (a first I think in the films).
But the plot pastiches a lot from DaF especially, TB and NSNA, the opening of the volcano from YOLT, highspeed switchback flirting from both GF and OHMSS, casino pickups from both DN and OHMSS, even the mysterious eastern girl on the run from tLD!
So it's sure got the parts to add up to a proper BondFilm!

- Precredits shows us a previously Unseen Mission. I want to see more!
Our pal number24 correctly explained this scene needs to be set 9 years earlier because of the end of the Cold War.

- Presentday story begins with Bond requiring an assessment before being allowed to return to duty ... and when last seen in LtK he had gone dangerously rogue, so this opening connects the new adventure to the end of the last!

- Judi Dench, delivers some biting dialog. Best M since the original (but she would get better in subsequent films)

- Clever dialog that acknowledges the critiques of the genre while still allowing us to indulge shamelessly in the fantasy.

- Xenia Onatopp, awesomely sexy and perverse bad girl. Somebody should make a mixtape of the sounds she makes.

- Ourumov, always twitching inappropriately ... both these villains are dangerous weirdos barely in control of their impulses.
I just recently watched Gottfried John in Berlin Alexanderplatz, where he was also the baddy. Apparantly he was in a lot of Fassbinder films. He plays sick and twisted very well.

- Alex's train ... the dialog tells us that's where he lives and controls his evil empire.

- "It's what keeps me alive". BrosnanBond will actually be the most philosophical of all the Bonds, we should give give him more credit for that. (though it is admittedly a lame line, it's more interesting than his attempts to quip).

- Boris and the pen ... as per plot structure requirements, Q's gadget saves the day in the final scene, but Boris milks the suspense as never seen before and earns some real laffs while doing it.

- "Come through in the clinch": required closing gag that also acknowledges its own purpose (as per the new self-aware dialog requirements). The bit at the end of every film where Bond gropes the girl as the credits start to roll is commonly referred to as "the final clinch".

- Hints of more Unseen Missions:
When did Bond give Valentin that limp?
What were all these adventures when Bond and Alex "shared everything"?

- Cubby is no longer involved, nor are most of the classic behind the scenes team.
- Very generic score.

- New Bond makes his entrance in a men's restroom cubicle (and an occupied one at that)
- The successful jump onto a moving airplane. MovieBond may be a superhero, but he still isn't supposed to be able to fly!

- "Nine years later" could be interpreted as an attempt to wipe DaltonBond from history.

- Brosnan plays the part like a department store mannequin.
- Brosnan can't deliver the quips any better than Dalton could, but he keeps on trying. Please stop, Brosnan!
- The usually deadpan Q bursts out laughing(!) at a particularly lame BrosnanBond quip ... which went on to be the title of a particularly lame theme song to a BondFilm decades later! Did somebody consider that to be a classic quote???

- The latest Moneypenny is a scolding older sister.

- Bond now drives a BMW.
Bond's cars are supposed to be unobtainable fantasy vehicles, every last smug yuppy in the 90s drove a BMW!
What's next, Bond drinks Heineken?

- Once Natalya meets Bond, her every line of dialog is a metacommentary on the sexist cliches of the Bondfilm genre.
- In general, the witty selfaware meta-dialog gets tiresome quickly, long before "You're like boys with toys".
(though I wish "Wudda we have here, another stiff-ass Brit!" had been the actual password)

- Many of the setpiece scenes drag on and on and on.

- The tank chase, this isn't postCold War peace, it is Western Triumphalism.
- The comparable MooreBond chase scenes did not approach a fraction of the property damage (that's a lot of very nice historic buildings he trashes), and MooreBond certainly did not spray a machine gun indiscriminantly at the local cops either. BrosnanBond is a very bad western tourist.

- Alex is outclassed by his two henchpersons.
- The potential of a fellow-double-oh-as-badguy is not really explored, except when Alex comments on Bond's psychology (that self-aware meta-dialog again).
- It's never explained how he faked his death.

- "Don't make this personal 007" ... like his last adventure or his next seven.

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Re: Pros and Cons: Goldeneye

Knowledgeable review, cp, and good gags! (eg Heineken  ajb007/lol )


Re: Pros and Cons: Goldeneye

caractacus potts wrote:

- "Nine years later" could be interpreted as an attempt to wipe DaltonBond from history.

Right choice and highly necessary   ajb007/biggrin

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Re: Pros and Cons: Goldeneye

No, it's just another nail in the coffin of the code name theory.