Topic: James Bond/Espionage Themed Event-The Background Music

I respectfully ask the members of this forum some advice. 

If you were organizing a large James Bond/Espionage themed event what kind of background music would you play?    Using all the title and ending themes to all the James Bond movies is a given.   Along with some of the better suited soundtrack material.   

You basically have the Sean Connery era to work with for early evening and Pierce Brosnan/Daniel Craig era for that second half.    Or the Connery vs. Brosnan/Craig eras can be two totally separate events.   

I'll start with the Brosan/Craig eras because they are more recent.    I would consider groups like Garbage, Moby, Orbital, Propellerheads, Portishead, Bjork, Bittersweat, and Gin Wigmore.

For the Connery era, I'm sure there are some great orchestration of period music geared towards adults.   I don't think I would use any of the popular tunes of the day from Elvis, The Beatles, The Who, the Beachboys....etc.    I need something more sophisticated and worldly.   

Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you!