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Just found out that the new comic story Eidolon from Dynamite comics arrived  yesterday. Looking forward to checking it out. More details about the series here:https://www.mi6-hq.com/sections/articles/comics_eidolon_preview?t=&s=&id=04099

It seems that one of the covers is inspired by the the LTK poster photo, which is actually an improvement IMO.

"...the purposeful slant of his striding figure looked dangerous, as if he was making quickly for something bad that was happening further down the street." -SMERSH on 007 dossier photo, Ch. 6 FRWL.....


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Got the first issue of Eidolon and I must stay that I enjoyed so far. Hope that James Bond gets the girl this time.


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Recently bought the graphic novel of VARGR, good series, beautiful art. Will wait for Eidolon to be published all in one book, I prefer having it like that!

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They are doing Casino Royale - out November

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Just found out today that in October their is another mini-series called Hammerhead written by Andy Diggle with art by Luca Casalanguida. More about it here: https://www.mi6-hq.com/sections/article … p;id=04118

Looking forward to reading both Hammerhead and the rest of Eidolon.


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Got issue #8 of Eidolon today, it was a great read with lots of action. Eidolon is an old term for spectre or ghost, as M mentions during his debriefing with Bond and Bill Tanner. Also both Tanner and Bond have correctly guessed that someone is working behind the scenes prevent the information Cadence Birdsong has from being learned. Looking forward to the next issue.


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I hadn't read comics for years but have really enjoyed the marvel films and Dark Knight trilogy. When I found out there was a Bond comic series I got them added to my son's order and have enjoyed them . Only up to #2 of Eidolon



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Short but good interview with the new writer of the Bond comic 'Hammerhead', Andy Diggle:
http://io9.gizmodo.com/how-james-bonds- … 1785144556

'Hammerhead' sounds interesting. Mine is something of a minority view, but I like it when the socio-political aspects of James Bond are explored, and I appreciate that Diggle asks "Is 007 a force for positive change, or a protector of vested interests?" It's a question worth asking.

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I just happened to read the first arc, "Vargr", and have to say I quite liked it. Ellis is always a sure bet, and even if some of the scenes are rehashes of already-made ones (Bond's escape at the beginning of #5 comes to mind) they're always edgy and witty. Definitely enjoyable, reads better as a book (out past August) yet the cliffhangers are well crafted. I could imagine this storyline becoming a Craig movie with some tweaking done to the script.

Will eagerly check Eidolon and Hammerhead.

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Just arrived today. Apart from Vagr I never read 007 Comics. However this being the classic version 1958-1960, it got me interested. Another addition or addiction (?) to the 007 literature collection.


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Just ordered issues #4 &5 of Hammerhead today, looking forward to finishing the story. Also I ordered the first issue of the Felix Leiter series as well. Finally their is another storyline called Black Box featuring 007 which arrives in March. It is written by Benjamin Percy with art by Rapha Lobosco. The story finds Bond being hunted by a world class assassin who targets other assassins. The story also has Bond investigating a digital security breach. Looking forward to reading this when it arrives.

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Got issue number 3 of the Felix Leiter series today, looking forward to reading it. Also I am hoping to get Hammerhead # 6 soon, as my local comic book dealer sold out of it before I could purchase a copy. Really enjoying seeing James Bond in comic book form again after having read all of the Daily Express newspaper strips(via Titan Books collections of them) and a majority of the Dark Horse stories as well.  Permission To Die holds a special place for me since it was the first comic book adventure that I read and it took me two and half years to complete the series.


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Looks like everyone has positive reviews. I'll be ordering from Amazon soon.


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The fourth issue of the Felix Leiter series arrives this week, really looking forward to reading. Also I plan on pre-ordering Service, the one shot comic that arrives in May, and I cannot wait for the next issue of Black Box to arrive. Hope that the sales pick up, MI6 reported that beginning with issue #2 of VARGR sales of the James Bond series have not been strong. Still other titles based on movies & TV properties have gone through difficulties  with sales and are still around. With no major news on Bond 25 and no new video games, I have come to really enjoy the comic books.

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Working my way through the current story arc Black Box, really enjoying the artwork and the writing on this one. Bond has to recover a black box containing classified information before anyone else does. Nice to see him in Japan again as well. The one shot story Service was really fun as well, Bond fights bad guys in the Imperial War Museum using World War II weapons! Also the story really fit the world we live in now(an American Politician questions the relationship of Great Britain and America, which leads to an assassination attempt on his life during a visit to England by a crazed ex- Royal Marine.)

Finally Miss Moneypenny is getting her own one shot story in August, more about it here:https://www.mi6-hq.com/sections/articles/comics-moneypenny-special-announced?id=04273

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The Dynamite comic universe has already become more important to me than the actual current cinematic era, despite the fact that SPECTRE is one of my favourite films in the series.

The books I have of VARGR EIDOLON and HAMMERHEAD are the German-language versions. The hard cover Special Editions.

Not to forget one shots SERVICE and MONEYPENNY that will come out.

FELIX LEITER special edition hard cover book is already pre-ordered too. As are BLACK BOX and KILL CHAIN
SPLITTER is publishing these books on the German-language market and they are doing a fantastic job.

CASINO ROYALE is hitting the shelves this October, with Matthew Southworth back on the art, and Fay Dalton doing the cover, according to The Book Bond blogspot.


http://www.thebookbond.com/2017/06/dyna … l.html?m=1

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Correction: not Southworth, but Dennis Calero is the new artist. I checked that myself  ajb007/wink


https://www.newsarama.com/35009-dynamit … tions.html

Very interesting and different, Dalton's cover art...


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Just a head's up Black Box #5 arrives on July 5th, looking forward to reading it. Also the Felix Leiter story was a lot of fun, it was great seeing Tiger Tanaka in action again.


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Anyone seen any images from the upcoming Casino Royale? Just want to get a sense of the look.


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MrGore wrote:

Anyone seen any images from the upcoming Casino Royale? Just want to get a sense of the look.

Here: http://doubleosection.blogspot.com.es/2 … oyale.html

and here: http://www.comicsblog.fr/27546-James_Bo … la_preview

And here with an interview with Van Jensen: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2017/07/06 … ever-said/


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Reading Kill Chain noticed product development placement with a Tom Ford suit reference



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Kill Chain looks like it is going to fun to read. Also I enjoyed the Moneypenny one shot story as well. It was quite like how I would imagine a short film with Moneypenny as the lead character might play out. James Bond himself does appear as well, sadly it is only for a single panel in the story and he does not contribute much, unlike his appearances in the Felix Leiter story.


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Hammerhead has been my favourite so far. I wasn't too impressed with Warren Ellis's efforts, but I'm glad I stuck with it.

Starting Black Box tonight.

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Should any of you gents use comixology and/or have an amazon account (parent company), there's currently a JB sale going on. Each single issue goes for 0.89 EUR (or 0.99 USD / 0.whatever GBP) apiece. All series/specials available including Vargr, Eidolon, Hammerhead, Black Box and even the Felix Leiter mini. No CR though (hasn't been released yet, has it?).

Though paper is undeniably classier, it's nice knowing you can have a quick read while travelling and/or minding your business... you know what I mean.

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New one shot story featuring M is being planned for March, more about it here:https://www.mi6-hq.com/sections/articles/comics-m-dynamite-announcement?id=04335

I just read the one shot issue for November, Solstice and was a really fun story. I won't spoil anything about the story here, I will however say that it was fun to see a story set at Christmastime. Also the action scenes did not disappoint either. Hope that Ibrahim Moustafa returns to write and illustrate another story down the road.