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Picked up the first issue of the monthly series yesterday, the artwork is very good and the story so far is interesting. James Bond only appears during the intro and the end of the story, which is an interesting move on the writers part. The bulk of the story concerns a stolen painting and the efforts of a female insurance investigator to find it.  This part of the story reminded me of the Thomas Crown Affair (the 1999 remake with Pierce Brosnan) since the female investigator is willing to break the rules in her pursuit of the stolen painting.  Overall a much stronger issue than some pervious efforts, looking forward to seeing what comes next.


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Maybe I’ll give it a look. I was going to ask you about the characterization of Bond in this one, but sounds like he’s not in it long enough to judge. I think the characterization was so shallow and weak in the last one that it shouldn’t have even dared to associate itself with the literary Bond.


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@ Miles Messervy, I fully agree. Also I thought it was worth mentioning that the upcoming story, James Bond: Reflections Of Death (due March 3, 2020) got a very nice full page advertisement in the back of the comic. I am really looking forward to reading it when it comes out. Both of the writers from the current story arc are contributing to Reflections Of Death as well.

On another note, Amazon has a listing for the Live And Let Die graphic novel it is set to be released in hardcover on December 31. I cannot wait to read this, having enjoyed the Casino Royale adaptation quite a bit.

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After reading the new first issue twice (just to be sure) I did not care for it. Plot was ok, but so far, both the relationship to Bond is very tenuous (which I'm sure will be explained next issue) and I found Bond's characterization quite weak, and the art a bit disappointing. Hope to be proved wrong in the future, but this one seems one to forget so far.

Awaiting LALD, which I'm really anticipating after CR, and enjoying the Vargr hardcover that I finally got. Eidolon will be next.

Re: Reflections of Death, it does seem promising. Will be checking it out once the artists are announced (seems to me only writers have been so far).

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Mark your calendars for January 15th, the new issue of the monthly series arrives then. I am going to order a copy of Live And Let Die in the near future, and I will be happy to share my thoughts on it here.

Edit: I just got my copy today, this issue is mostly background and character building(for spoilers sake I will not be going into details here). It was nice to see Bond working undercover at a party at the villains estate home. M gets some good character development here, he has a past with the female insurance investigator and orders Bond to work with her since her quest to locate a stolen painting intertwines with an ongoing investigation by MI6 into blackmail by unknown party.  The artwork is pretty nice, although seeing James Bond meet M without a suitcoat on is really jarring and something that the filmmakers would never do.  Overall this a big step up from the Goldfinger story from last year. Looking forward to reading more of it.

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